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Q: How do you convert cu in into cu yards?
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Use six unit multipliers to convert 40 cubic yards to cubic inches?

cu. yards x 27 ( cu. ft. per cu. yd ) x 12x12x12 ( cu. inches per cu. foot ) Thus, 40 x 3x3x3 x 12x12x12 =

How many yards is 26 cubic feet?

26 cubic yards = 702 cubic feet

What is 720 inches in cubic yards?

the question is wrong. there is only relation between cubic inches and cubic yards. Now,1 cu inch = 0.0000214 cu yards . so ,720 cu in =0.0154 cu yards

How do you convert Ton of structural steel to Cubic Yard?

1 tonne of structural steel = approx 0.17 cu yards.

How do you convert acres to cubic yards?

You can not convert acres to cubic yards. Acres are a unit of area and cubic yards is a unit of volume. If you want square yards to acres, try

How many cubic feet are contained in 797 cubic yards?

797 cu yards = 797 * 33 cu feet = 21519 cu ft.

How many cubic yards are in 45x30x6?

if your numbers are in yards 8100 cu yd if they are in ft 300 cu yd

How many cubic yards in 1260 cubic feet?

27 cu feet = 1 cu yard 1260 cu ft = 1260/27 = 46.67 (462/3) cu yards

How many cubic yards in 70 square feet?

sq feet to sq yards cu ft to cu yards you need depth added to your sq ft to get cu ft such as 70 sq ft x 4 in deep = 23.33 cu ft =.086 cu yd

How much concrete is needed for a slab 2000 square feet by 4 inches thick?

To my knowledge, concrete is measured in cubic yards. you would convert your measurements to yards 2000 sq ft is about 222.22 sq yards 4 inches is about 0.11 yards multiply to get volume, about 24.7 cu yards

How many yards of concrete is used in a side walk 32 feet long 3feet wide 3inches thick?

Cubic feet of concrete required = 32 x 3 x 0.25 = 24 cu. ft 1 cu yd = 27 cu ft Answer: 24/27 cu yards = 0.89 cu yards.

How many cu ft in a cu yd?

.07 (No. That is incorrect.) Actually there are 27 cu ft in a cu yard or .037 cu yards in a cu ft.