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Q: How do you convert cultivable land?
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What is the name of cultivable land?

Arable land

What percentage ofu a e is cultivable land?


The total cultivable land of Pakistan is?

80 million heacters

Similarities between Indian pastrolists and massai herders?

they lost their land to colonial powers. , their land was transformed into cultivable land. , the movement was restricted.

How much of japan is cultivable?

57% normal and 43% cultivable :).

How much of Japan's cultivable land grows food?

A lot of it! To be slightly more exact, over 30% of it.

What is land under cultivation ending with able?


What is cultivable waste land?

This category includes land available for cultivatiion, whether actually cultivated or not, for one reason or the other or once taken up for cultivation but not cultivated again for more than 5 years in succession.

What percent of japan's cultivable part can food be grown?

43% is the answer .!!(:<3

How much percent is cultivable?

It depends on what area you are talking about. A dessert, not much. Iowa, almost all of it.

What do central conflict?

Conflicts arise when people are competing for the same resources (such as territory, jobs and income, housing) when they aren't fairly distributed or when there aren't enough to go round. The same applies to natural resources (cultivable land, fresh water).

Why is it important to increase the area under irrigation?

The cultivable land is fixed but the, pollution is increasing variability of rainfall is the biggest problem faced by the Indian Farmer's is therefore very,important to develop modern irrigation system and increase the production in the areas of cultivable land.