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There's no definite standard. A 2 iron is typically 18

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Q: How do you convert degrees to numbers on golf clubs and what would 14point5 and 16point5 degrees be in numbers?
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How do you convert radians to exact numbers?

the formula to convert degrees to radiansangle in radians = angle in degrees * Pi / 180 .

How do you convert degrees from a circle graph into numbers?

360 degrees = Total number, T. So a sector of x degrees is equivalent to x*T/360 units.

Is 21 degrees celsius higher than 19 degrees Fahrenheit?

When you convert both numbers into the same unit, in this case, Fahrenheit, 21 degrees Celsius would be 68.9 degrees F. So, 21 degrees C is higher than 19 degrees F.

How do you convert mixed numbers?

The answer depends on what you wish to convert them to.

How do you convert even number to a triangular number?

You cannot convert even numbers to triangular numbers! There is no such relationship.

How do you convert negative numbers to rational numbers?

You do nothing. They are already rational numbers.

What is 450 degrees in Celsius?

450 degrees Fahrenheit in Celsius is about 232.22 degrees. To convert Fahrenheit to Celsius you subtracted 32 from degrees in Fahrenheit then you multiply that by 5 then divide that a decimal by 9 if there is a remainder you had to put a decimal and annex a zero 1 time then round the numbers after the decimal to get my answer

How do you convert numbers in the billons into degrees?

You cannot. A degree is a measure of angular separation (or temperature, or academic qualification), whereas a number in billions is just that: a pure number. You cannot convert a number into a measure of some characteristic.

How do you convert numbers?

25ft to 12cm

How do you use bahttext function to convert English text in excel?

It converts numbers to Thai text. So if you wanted the number 6 in Thai, you can do something like this: =BAHTTEXT(6) It does not convert actual text and it does not convert numbers to English text.

How do you convert a fraction into a mix number?

How to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers

How do you write in numbers 27 degrees?

Twenty-seven degrees.

How much is km in numbers?

You don't convert from units to "numbers". You convert from one unit to another unit. You can convert from km to meters, to millimeters, or to some other unit of length.

Can you please tell me how to convert English numbers to Babylonian numbers?

No, because there is no such thing as English numbers.

How do you convert 92115 to mix Numbers?

Whole numbers such as 92115 are not normally converted into mixed numbers

How do you convert numbers to percents?

Divide by 100.

How you convert 130000 in numeric numbers?


Convert the following decimal numbers into their equivalent binary numbers and then convert the resulting binary numbers back into the decimal numbers a. 6401 b. 1010110?

a) 6401 in Binary is 1100100000001b) 1010110 in decimal is 86

How do you convert decimal numbers to mixed numbers?

the answer for tht is nuthinqq hahhahha losers!

Convert binary numbers to octal numbers 1111111010?

1111111010 = octal 1772

Convert 186 decimal numbers to its binary equivalent?

Convert 189 to binary number

What can a calculator convert?

A calculator can convert numbers that appear as decimals into numbers that appear as fractions. Fractions are generally considered more easy to use then decimals.

What are the importance of knowing the operation in decimal?

In order to convert decimals into percentages In order to convert decimals into fractions To distinguish irrational numbers from rational numbers

What year did phone numbers convert letters to numbers for their exchanges?

It varies from city to city.

How do you convert fractions into whole numbers?