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Generally, you burn the gas to heat water to turn it into steam which then turns a turbine connected to a generator which produces the electricity.

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Can you convert gas to electricity?

no you can't it will go on fire and you will die by gas to if you don't where a mask.

What are some companies that convert gas cars to use electricity?

Now there is a way to convert your car from using gas to using electricity. There are many examples of doing this: tells you how to do it yourself, as does this It doesn't seem as though companies will do it for you, as of yet.

Can you convert electricity to static electricity?

static electricity is electricity.

How do you convert electricity?

The answer will depend on what you want to convert it to!

How do you convert gas into electricity?

The chemical energy contained in Gas (calorific value) is converted into electricity using a Gas Turbine. The gas is mixed with compressed air, the mix is ignited, allowed to expand through turbine blades, which spin a shaft, which rotates a coil inside a magnetic field (a generator). Gas goes in, electricity comes out. Obviously there are many, many more details to this process, but the above explains the basics.

What device is used to convert solar energy to electricity?

solar cells are used to convert solar energy to electricity.

How do convert a mgr5750adw to natural gas?

It set for LP gas need to convert to natural gas

Does liquid nitrogen evaporate or can convert into gas?

Yes it can convert into gas,bcoz it reqired high temperatue to convert liquid nitrogen to gas.

Is electricity a solid or gas?


Is it possible to convert electricity into petrol?


Device that is used to convert solar energy into electricity?

A solar panel or silicon wafer is used to convert solar energy into electricity.

Can directly convert sunlight into electricity?

If you have solar panels installed correctly to your home/business/land then you can convert sunlunight into energy/electricity.

Is gas and electricity subsidised in the UK?

No. In the U.K. there is a 5% tax on domestic gas and electricity.

Has methane gas be used for electricity?

Methane gas has been used to generate electricity.

How do natural gas stations produce electricity?

"How do natural gas stations produce electricity?

Can you convert a town gas Rayburn G33 to LPG?

i have a raburn gas cooker can i convert it from town gas to lpg

What are the three electrical appliances that use circuits to convert electrical energy into other forms of energy?

That's what all electrical appliances do - convert electricity into other forms of energy.That's what all electrical appliances do - convert electricity into other forms of energy.That's what all electrical appliances do - convert electricity into other forms of energy.That's what all electrical appliances do - convert electricity into other forms of energy.

How can electricity be generated?

Electricity is generated by a number of means. Generators may be turned by water power, steam, and wind. Electricity may be generated by photoelectric systems that convert light to electricity. In small generators, an internal combustion engine powered by gasoline, diesel, or gas is used to turn the generator.

What do Solar cells convert?

Solar cells convert light directly into electricity

Can gas conduct electricity?

no... gas cannot...

Are propellers powered by electricity or gas?


Does a light bulb use gas or electricity?


Does central air run on gas or electricity?


What measures gas and electricity usage?

The usage is measured by gas and electricity meters. A gas meter measures the volume of gas passing through. An electricity meter is an energy meter which measures the kilowatt-hours use.

Why is electricity better than gas?

Depending on the application, electricity can be better, or worse than gas. If it is an application involving rotation, then electricity is better than gas, in terms of efficiency, budget, reliability, and easy operation. But if it a heating application then usually, gas is beter than electricity, in all the above mentioned terms. Electricity, gas can be a bit "hazardous" to your health.