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To convert image to binary, you just have to convert image to binary. Hope this helps.

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Q: How do you convert image to binary format?
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What is image encryption?

Basically Image Encryption means that, convert the image into unreadable format.

How do you use convert JPEG or jpg file to map format?

Google: online image format converter

What are common ways of loading images into a computer?

Convert the image to a digital format, such as BMP or JPG. Load the image into a suitable image control.

How do you open uif files?

The format .uif is for Magic ISO Universal Image Format. It can open DVD image files and convert bin to iso and back. The uif file is a compression image file format for backing up CD's or DVD's.

How do you convert gif images to doc?

You cannot directly convert a .GIF to a .DOC since the .DOC format is not an image format. What you can do is to include the .GIF image in a word document by using the Insert menu or by dragging it over the open Word document.

How to convert JPEG to text file?

The PPM image format will dump image data into an ASCII format which will essentially create a 'flat' text file with a series of numerical values. Look for 'GNU Image Manipulation Program' for a free solution.

How do you convert a wpostx file to a JPEG file?

Wpostx is the format used by Windows Live Writer. As such it is a text format which does not lend itself to conversion to a bitmap image format such as JPEG.

How can convert JPEG image to tiff format?

open image in photoshop then go to File -> Save As and in Save As window in Format section at bottom press arrow on right side and choose TIFF from list, then click save

How many bits does it take to represent the number 457?

When you convert this decimal number to the binary format, we have 111001001 that has 9 digits so 9bits is required to represent it in normal case. To convert decimals to binary visit

What is a gif format image?

Full form of GIF format of image is Graphics Interchange Format. This format of image can able to save only 256 colors which makes this format poor in the comparison of other image format.

How do you convert a word processor file into JPEG bmp or gif format?

You can make a screenshot of the window as described in the related question. Another possibility would be to print to an image format like TIFF. I am not sure if there is a TIFF printer driver out there, but for sure there is a Microsoft Image Writer. It saves into a Microsoft image format that can be later converted to TIFF.

Can you use an illustrator image for webpage?

You can but first you must convert it to appropriate format for web : .jpeg,png,gif.You can do it from illustrator,photoshop,coreldraw or some image converter