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  1. For US gallons, use this formula: liters x 0.264 = US gallons.
  2. For UK gallons, use: liters x 0.219 = UK gallons
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Q: How do you convert liters to gallons for jet A1?
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Is Jet a sold in gallons or liters?

The fuel for Jet aircraft, Jet A and Jet A1 is usually sold in weights, this being Kilograms or Pounds.

What is the conversion ratio from pounds to liters for Jet A1?

100 pounds (Jet A1) are around 60 litres

Convert 20000kgs of jet a1 fuel with a specific gravity of 0.86 to liters?

20000 kgs divided by 0.86 gives 23255.813 m3 of aviation fuel. 23255.813 multiplied by 1000 to convert m3 to litres, gives 23,255,813 litres of fuel.

What is jet fuels freezing point?

Jet-a -40 jet-a1 is -47 c

What is JET A1?

It is a special kind of fuel used in jet planes

What is the density jet a1?

It depends upon the temperature.

What type of gas does an airplane use?

Airplanes use "Jet A" "Jet A1" and "Jet B"(for cold weather).

The name of fuel that the plane uses?

Avgas, or if it has a jet engine, it would use either Jet-A1 or Jet-B fuel.

Airbus 320 use what type of fuel?

The Airbus A320 uses Jet A / Jet A-1 type fuel

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Is kerosene is used in aircraft?

Not as such. The most popular fuels sold at commercial airports are Jet-A and Jet-A1, both of which are highly purified forms of kerosene. If you just buy a hundred gallons of stove oil from the farm supply store in an emergency, the plane will run on it but you can kiss your fuel filters goodbye.

How much does jet a1 fuel cost?

The price for jet a1 fuel varies over time. In March 2013, the price was 303.0 US cents per gallon. Converted to barrels, this would be 127.2 US dollar per barrel.

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