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You do a long division so that the remainder is converted to a terminating or recurring decimal. Then multiply the [decimal] fraction by 100.

For example,

37/40 = 0.925 = 92.5%

37/60 = 0.6166... = 61.66 (recurring) %

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Q: How do you convert marks into percentage when you have a reminder?
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How do you convert marks into percentage?

The best way to convert percentage into marks is by using the formula where they would multiply the GPA. Example: If the GPA is 3.0, then the equivalent percentage equals 3.0 x 18 + 30 = 74 percent.

How should you convert cgpa into percentage and also to calculate marks obtained you have done engg from BPUT and have secured 7.16 out of 10?

Equivalent Percentage = (CGPA - 0.75) x 10. So your percentage is 66.6.

How do you calculate cumulative percentage of marks?

You calculate overall percentage of engineering marks by taking the number of engineering marks and dividing it by the percentage. When you do that, you will get your average percentage of engineering marks.

How do you take out percentage of marks?

Suppose a test is worth X marks and you get Y marks. Then your percentage marks are100*(Y/X).

How do you convert SGPA to percentage?


How do you calculate percentage of total marks?

It is: (marks gained)/(total possible marks) times 100 to find the percentage

What is 75 marks out of 85 marks as a percentage?


How can you convert 9.6 cgpa to percentage?

convert 9.6 into percentage

How do you convert the percentage into cumulative percentage?

How to convert CGPA into percent

What is your percentage of marks?


How do you get a percentage using a calcultor?

divide your gained marks to the total marks and then multiply by 100. u'll get your percentage.

How do you convert percentage into power W?

You convert the percentage into power Watts by multiplying it by 100.