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Suppose a test is worth X marks and you get Y marks. Then your percentage marks are100*(Y/X).

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Q: How do you take out percentage of marks?
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How do you calculate overall percentage of engineering marks?

You calculate overall percentage of engineering marks by taking the number of engineering marks and dividing it by the percentage. When you do that, you will get your average percentage of engineering marks.

What is 75 marks out of 85 marks as a percentage?


How do you calculate percentage of total marks?

It is: (marks gained)/(total possible marks) times 100 to find the percentage

What is your percentage of marks?


How do you get a percentage using a calcultor?

divide your gained marks to the total marks and then multiply by 100. u'll get your percentage.

How do you calculate icse percentage?

take english and environment marks and other top 3 subjects (for 2012).

How do you calculate percentage marks in 12th?


What percentage is 350 out of 500 marks?


What is 525 marks out 600 as a percentage?

It is 87.5%

Write a C program to find average and percentage of marks of 5 subjects?

wap tocalculate avarage and percentage marks of a student c++

How do you work out a percentage?

To find a percentage for example your score on a math test, you take your score on the test and divide it by the total marks of the test, and Multiply by 100. Ex. 50 marks on a test and you score a 45. 45 divided by 50 is 0.9, multiplying that by 100 gives you 90. Therefore your percentage was 90%

What is the percentage for first class or first division in BSc Hons AND IS the percentage calculated on Honors marks plus pass subjects marks OR only percentage of Honors marks?

it should be 70% bcoz first division is 60 so by calaulTion it will be 70

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