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800 meter is equl to how many kilometers

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Q: How do you convert meter to kilometer in log function?
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How do you convert milliwatt to decibel?

You can't convert milliwatts to decibels, but you can convert them to dBm or dBw. dBm = 10 log (milliwatts) dBw = -30 + 10 log (milliwatts)

What is 3x66 as a logarithmic function?

log (3 x 66) = log 3 + log 66

How many cubic meter per MBF Log?


How do you convert dB to watts?


What is the function of log?

nun yo business

How do you use inverse log on graphing calculator?

The inverse of a logarithmic function is an exponential function. So to find the "inverse" of the log function, you use the universal power key, unless you're finding the inverse of a natural log, then you use the e^x key.

Inverse logs on TI-83 plus?

To get the inverse log function, press 2ND and then choose 10x. (Above LOG.) To get the inverse of a natural log function, press 2ND and then choose ex. (Above LN.)

How do you calculate Log2 in Excel?

Use the LOG function. =LOG(n,b) n = Number b = Base =LOG(2,10) = 0.30103

Explain why a and b must be equal if log a equals log b?

It is because the logarithm function is strictly monotonic.

Why do you calculate pH of solution?

pH is -log[H+] and can be found using pH meter.

How do you find the inverse log using a TI 84 plus?

The 2nd function of the log button is the inverse log. Press 2nd log, which displays 10^( on the screen. Put a number after the opening parenthesis.

How do you do an inverse log on a TI 30x?

On the TI-30x model there is no INV button. You have to use the 10^x function. To do this press the button labeled "2nd" and then the button labeled LOG. Above the LOG button you should see the 10x function which is the same for INV.

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