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You do not. A metre is a measure of distance, a kiloHertz is a measure of frequency. The two measure different things and it makes no sense to convert from one to the other without additional information - for example: whether you are talking about electromagnetic waves, or sound waves, or waves in the ocean or whatever.

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Q: How do you convert meters to KHz and what is 300 meters in KHz?
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What is 300 meters in KHz. And what formula does the conversion?

300 meters = 1000 kHz. Wavelength in meters / 300 = frequency in megahertz * 1000 = frequency in kilohertz.

How do you convert frequency from meters to megahertz?

"Meters" is not frequency. It's wavelength. If you know the wavelength in meters, divide 300 by it, and the result is the frequency in MHz. If you know the frequency in MHz, divide 300 by it, and the result is the wavelength in meters.

How do you convert kHz to hertz?

kHz means 1000 hertz. To convert from kHz to hz, multiply the number of kHz by 1000 and the product will be in hertz.

How far is 300 meters convert into miles?

About 0.19 miles.

Converte m 3 to cm 3?

You can not convert 3 meters to 3 centimeters. When you convert 3 meters to centimeters you get 300.

How do you convert 300 cubic meters to cubic decimeters?

Multiply by 1,000

What is the wavelength range for AM?

AM broadcast:550 KHz: 545.5 meters1,600 KHz: 187.5 meters

What is the frequency of this am radio wave in hertz when An AM radio station broadcasts news at 687 kHz?

For any wave, frequency x wavelength = speed (of the wave). In this case, convert the kHz to Hz, then divide the speed of light by this frequency. The speed of light should be in meters/second. The answer will be the wavelength in meters.

How many cubic meters are there in 300 square meters 15 centimeters deep?

15 cm equals 0.15 meters. Accordingly, the volume is 300 multiplied by 0.15. The result is 45 cubic meters.

How do you convert KHz into Hz?

multiply by a 1000

3 meters equals how many cenimeters?

To convert from meters to centimeters, multiply by 100.

How do you explain the answer to convert 3 meters to centimeters?

If 1 meter = 100 cm then 3 meters = 300 cm