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15 cm equals 0.15 meters. Accordingly, the volume is 300 multiplied by 0.15. The result is 45 cubic meters.

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2016-02-29 07:49:44
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2010-02-01 19:36:53

Convert that to meters, and multiply: 300 x 0.15

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Q: How many cubic meters are there in 300 square meters 15 centimeters deep?
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How many cubic centimeters are 3 meters wide 3 meters deep and 3 meters long?

27 meters cubed. Multiply by 1000: 2,700 centimeters cubed.

How many cubic meters would you need to fill an area of 28 meter square by 10 cm deep?

A 28 meter square is 28 times 28 meters or 784 square meters. If it is one tenth of a meter (10 cm) deep, it has a volume of 78.4 cubic metersIf you mean 28 square meters (like a pool 4 meters by 7 meters) then the volume one tenth of a meter deep is 2.8 cubic meters.

1 cubic meter covers an area of how many square meters?

One cubic meter cannot be "converted" to a square measure unless we know how "deep" it is being spread. For example, if it is one meter deep, then it would cover one square meter; but if it is two meters deep, then it would cover half that area. If it were, say, 1 cm deep, then it could cover a million square centimeters (100 x 100 x 100).

How many cubic meters of concrete do you need to cover 360 square meters at 100mm deep?


How much base coarse do you need for 100 square meters at 75 millimeters deep?

7.5 cubic meters.

How many square meters will a bulk bag cover?

It depends upon the volume of the bulk bag and how deep you want it covered. Divide the cubic meters in the bulk bag by the depth in meters to get your answer. For example, a bulk bag of 2 cubic meters will cover to a depth of 1 cm. 2 cubic meters / 0.01 meters depth = 200 square meters.

How much dirt is a hole if we dig 3 meters square and 2 meters deep?

none., but you have removed 2/3 of a cubic meter of dirt.

How many cubic meters of cement are needed to cover a walkway 7 m long o95 m wide 10 centimeters deep?


A box is 25 centimeters long 2 dm high and 1dm deep what is the volume of the box in cubic centimeters in cubic decimeters?


How many cubic meters are there in 113ft long 5ft wide and 2.5inches deep?

This is a volume of 3.33 cubic meters.

The sign on the pool says its 3 meters deep how many centimeters deep is the pool?

There are 300 cm in 3 meters

If the pool is 10 feet wide 10 feet long and 8 feet deep What is the volume of the pool in cubic centimeters using the appropriate conversion factor for cubic feet to cubic centimeters?

The volume is 22653477.28 cubic centimeters. The convesion factor is 28316.8466

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