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Q: How do you convert volume to depth?
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How do you convert square kilometers and kilometers into a volume?

Assuming the volume has a base area of the given square kilometers and a depth of the given kilometers, multiply the square kilometers by the kilometers to get the volume in cubic kilometers. Otherwise there is no conversion possible.

How do you write a formula for volume equals area x average depth?

Volume= surface area (length x width) x depth re arrange to surface area= depth= Volume/Area Area= Volume/Depth

How do you convert centimeters squared into milliliter?

To convert centimeters squared (cm^2) to milliliters (mL), you need to know the depth or height in centimeters. Since 1 cm^3 is equivalent to 1 mL, you can multiply the area in cm^2 by the depth in centimeters to get the volume in milliliters. The formula would be Volume (mL) = Area (cm^2) x Depth (cm).

The pacific ocean has an approximate volume of 7.07271020 liters and a surface area of approximatly 1.62525108 KM2 Calculate the average depth of the pacific ocean?

To get the average depth, take the volume and divide it by the surface area. For this question, first convert litres into cubic kilometres. Then take this value and divide it by the surface area. You could also convert the volume to cubic metres and the surface area to square metres, but it might be more tedious.

How do you find the height of a rectangular box given the width depth and volume?

height * width * depth = volume height = volume / (depth * width) Volume = lengthXwidthXheight V=LWH H=V/LW

How many area in 5000 liters water?

None. A litre is a measure of volume and you cannot convert volume to an area in any meaningful way without further information such as the depth over the area in question.

How many cubic meters in an area 59446 square meters with a depth of 7.5cm?

To find the volume, first convert the depth to meters (7.5cm = 0.075m). Then multiply the area (59446 sqm) by the depth (0.075m) to get the volume in cubic meters. So, the volume is 4458.45 cubic meters.

How do you figure out the volume of a local lake if you know the depth and area?

The volume could be defined as the area multiplied by the depth. However, it has to be the average depth.

How much water fills one square foot?

Technically, none. A square foot is a measure of area whereas it is the volume of water that is required. To convert from area to volume it is necessary to know the depth. A twelfth of a cubic foot will cover an area of one square foot to a depth of 1 inch. A cubic foot will cover it to a depth of 1 foot, 100 cubic feet will cover it to a depth of 100 feet.

Can you Convert 2926 square metres of tarmac to tonnes?

Only if... (a) you know the weight of a measured amount of tarmac - and (b) you know what depth the tarmac is. If you can calculate the volume of tarmac, and you know the weight of a specific amount - you can convert to tonnes.

Formula to convert liters to volume?

Liters IS volume - there is nothing to convert.

How many ounces are in a pool?

The number of ounces in a pool would depend on the size and depth of the pool. To calculate, you would multiply the volume of water in the pool in cubic inches by 0.5787 to convert to ounces. Alternatively, you can divide the volume in cubic feet by 0.13368 to convert to ounces.