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Miles per hour * 0.44704 = metres per second

Miles per hour * 1.609344 = kilometres per hour

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Q: How do you convert winds in miles per hour to metric units?
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How many miles per hour are the winds on Venus?

The winds on Venus are about 300 mph

Does Saturn have strong winds?

there are very strong winds that go about 1100 miles per hour

What is gale force winds?

The term is somewhat ambiguous but generally refers to extremely strong winds in the 45mph range, which equates to about the same in knots, and about 75kph in metric.

How strong can thunderstorms winds get without a tornado?

Microbursts can produce winds of up to 150 miles per hour.

How many miles an hour equal hurricane force winds?

Hurricane force winds are 74 mph or greater.

How fast can a blizzards winds get?

35 miles per hour

How fast are the winds in Iceland?

35 miles per hour

How many miles per hour are the winds of a hurricane?

It varies considerably. A tropical storm must have sustained winds of at least 74 miles per hour to be considered a hurricane. Hurricanes with sustained winds has high as 200 miles per hour have been observed, along with stronger gusts.

How fast can Saturn's winds reach?

A steady 336 miles per hour. Record winds of 628miles per hour.

How high do a storms winds have to be classified as a hurricane?

Category 1 (the lowest) for a hurricane is winds of 74-95 miles an hour.

How fast are the winds in category 5 hurricane?

A category 5 hurricane has sustained winds of at least157 miles per hour.

What has stronger winds a tropical storm or a tropical depression?

I tropical storm has stronger winds that a tropical depression. A tropical depression has maximum sustained winds of less the 39 miles per hour, while a tropical storm has maximum sustained winds between 40 and 74 miles per hour.

What is 52 kts in miles per hour winds?

52 knots is about 60 miles per hour.

How much is 80 miles per hours winds in kilometers?

80 miles = 129 km (rounded)

How fast are the winds in the great red spot?

400 miles an hour.

Does Saturn have winds?

Yes, Saturn does have winds. Saturn's atmospheric environment is one of strong gravity, high pressure strong winds, from 225 miles per hour to 1000 miles per hour, and cold temperatures of -270 degrees to +80 degrees.

What is a hurricane with winds over 75 miles an hour?

By definition it is a hurricane. A hurricane is a tropical cyclone with winds of 74 mph or more.

How high were the highest winds of hurricane irma?

At peak intensity Hurricane Irma has sustained winds of 185 miles per hour.

How fast can winds from typhoons blow?

The minimum wind speed for a storm to be considered a typhoon is 74 miles per hour. Sustained winds as high as 195 miles per hour have been observed.

What is a large spinning storm that has winds over 117 kilometers (73 miles) per hour?

A hurricane is a large spinning storm that has winds over 117 kilometers (73 miles) per hour.

A powerful storm attacks the North Carolina coast with winds blowing at 89 miles per hour What is the velocity of these winds?

There is not enough information

How fast are the winds in 5 hurricane?

If you are asking about a "category 5" hurricane classification the winds need to be 157 miles per hour or faster.

How many miles from a hurricane's center are tropical storm force winds?

That is highly variable and is in fact a measure of the hurricane's size. The radius of tropical storm force winds in a hurricane can be less than 100 miles, to more than 600 miles.

How big is Hurricane Earl 2010?

At 11am EDT on September 2 2010, Earl's maximum sustained winds were 140 mph. Hurricane force winds extended 90 miles out from the center, while tropical storm force winds extended 230 miles from the eye.

How strong can hurricane winds blow?

In the eyewall of the storm, large changes in pressure create the hurricane's strongest winds. These winds can reach nearly 200 miles (320 kilometers) per hour.