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You have to say, in some way, that there are two(or possibly, but not likely, more) equal values. For example:

1) Pat and Pan have 7 apples. If Pan has 2 more apples than Pat, how many apples do they each have? (Pat+2=Pan, Pan+Pat=7)

2) John has three toys. James has four. How many toys do they have together? (3+4=?)

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Q: How do you create a word problem that would require the use of equations to solve the problem?
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What is mathematics's?

Mathematics is the use of Equations and Sequences to solve a Problem.

What is the definition of multi-step equations?

They are equations in which you have to use more than more function to solve the problem.

When all required information is available to solve a problem?

All required info is available to solve a problem when there are just as many different equations as there are variables to solve for.

Translate this word problem as a system of equations and then solve using substitution?

A system of equations is two or more equations that share at least one variable. Once you have determined your equations, solve for one of the variables and substitute in that solution to the other equation.

How do you answer function notation equations?

Change f(x) to y and solve the problem.

How do solve for differential equation?

There are many kinds of differential equations and their solutions require different methods.

Why is linear equations called linear equations?

Because its linear and the equation is a problem to solve

How do you solve 9- 2 equations?


How do you use substitution to solve equations?

You plug in what the variable is equal to for that variable then you will be able to finish the problem

Why use graphing to solve a system of equations?

A graph can help you understand equations better its a little way of getting used to a a problem. I used a multiplication graph when i was 10 it helped me memorize the problem.

If you can throw a baseball 300 ft what would your velocity be at 60 ft?

You have not provided enough information. To solve this problem, you will use the kinematics equations. Take a look at these equations, you will discover that you have too many unknowns to solve for.

How do you solve these equations?

Tell me the equations first.