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Q: How do you define food cost?
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Define opportunity cost?

define opportunity cost

Define food pyramid?

define the following of food pyramid?

Define cost price and selling price?

define cost and selling price

What is the responsibilities of a food checker?

define what is a food checker?

What happens to food when its cooked?

You would have to define the particular food for that answer.

How would you define a current cost?

Current cost. Replacement cost or net realizable value.

Define direct and indirect labor cost in garment industry?

Define direct and indirect labour?"

Define Detection cost?

costs of detecting

Define the word profit in buiness?

Revenue over cost.

Define food adulteration?

Food adulteration refers to the adding the substances that are not legal in the food.

How would you define a cost driver?

The term "cost driver" refers to the activity that causes cost to change.

Terminology use in food preparations and cooking?

define food terminology

Define the statement A marketing information system is an investment not a cost?

mis is investment not a cost

Define cost measurement?

substitution cost, the measure of the cost you are giving up in order to achieve something else

Mathamatical formula for food cost?

Food cost = (cost of goods - inventory) / gross food sales

Define the cost of control and minority interest?


What is the cost of food in china?

Food cost $5

What is food cost percentage?

total use of food cost divided by net sales is food cost percentage

What was the cost of food in the UK in 1953?

what did food cost in 1953

What is mathmatic formula for food cost calculation?

Cost Of Food __________ Food Sales Cost of Food Divided by Food sales will give you a decimal amount which you can then convert to a percentage. example: $25,780 Cost of Food Divided by $64,575 Food Sales= .399225 or 39.9% then rounded to 40%

How would you define a standard cost?

Standard cost. An estimate of how much cost a firm should incur to produce a good or service.

What is the average cost of food for a Vietnamese family?

there is a vietnamese food cost caulculator on there is a vietnamese food cost caulculator on

How do you calculate food cost daily?

Daily food cost divided by daily mandays will give u the days food cost

How do you know percentage of food cost against sales?

If you know the food cost against sales, it is 100*(food cost)/sales. If you do not know food cost or sales, you cannot know the answer.

What formula do you use in the food business to figure how much over and above food cost to make profit?

Theoretically you always want to keep your real food cost below 33% of your food sales. To figure out your food cost percentage you simply divide your cost of food by your food sales, then move the decimal. I aim for a 28% food cost in the hopes that it falls at or below 33% in reality. If your real food cost is below 33% and your other areas of cost are under control, you should be turning a profit.