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Q: How do you destroke a 327 smalblock engine?
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Is the Chevy 5.3 engine a 327?

NO. It is a 325 cubic inch engine. Not a 327

When did they start putting the 327 cubic inch engine back in the pick up?

Chevy still has NOT reproduced the 327 CID engine. It is NOT used anymore. Alot of people call the 5.3L smallblock chevy a 327 and it is NOT a 327. It is a 325 CID / Cubic inch desplacement engine and that is 2 cubic inches smaller then a 327 engine. That is NOT much but it still is not a 327

How much does it cost to rebuild a 327 engine?

What's the price range to rebuild a Chevy 327 engine

What was the first year for the 327 engine?

1962 was the first year for the 327.

What year did the 327 engine debut?

1962 was the year the 327 was introduced.

How good is a 327 engine?

A 327 Chevy engine has to potential for a lot of horsepower gain, however like any engine the quality of the engine depends on how well it is maintained.

How do you set points on a 327 Chevrolet engine?

how do i set a 327 9 degrees back

Is a 327 engine from a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air a 6-cylinder?

No a 327 is a V-8

What size Chevy engine has casting number 3970010?

a 350 or 327 that is the question. A 350 or a 327

What engine has a 327 CID?

The Chevy 327 was an engine Chevy built in the 60's. There is today a Chevy 5.3 Liter that is close to 327 Cu. In. Actually 327 Cu. In. is closer to a 5.4 Liter as it is 5.385 Liters. In addition, AMC also produced a 327 cid v-8 for a period of time

What is a 327 engine bored 060 over?

The bore adds about 10 cu. inches to make it a 337

What are the engine torque specs for 1995 Chevrolet Z28 327 engine?

First of all the 1995 Z28 had a 350 (LT1) not a 327(the 327 stamp on your engine block has nothing to do with the size). The specs for the '95 Z28 350 are: 275hp and 325 lb-ft