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It is the place value of the first non-zero digit in the number.

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Q: How do you determine orders of magnitude?
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What is order if magnitude?

A magnitude is factor of 10 An order of magnitude is a factor of "about 10". Two orders of magnitude is about 100. For example, if something is two orders of magnitude higher than 3, it would be about 300. Order in this case means about, or approximate. To the nearest order of magnitude , 3200 is 3000

What two things are needed to determine the Ritcher Magnitude?

magnitude and richter

Does wine have more acid than scotch?

By orders of magnitude, yes.

Is the sun larger than the Milky Way?

No - many orders of magnitude SMALLER

Are there more than one thousand turtles?

Yes, by several orders of magnitude.

What scale is used to determine the magnitude of a an erthquake?


What seems to determine the magnitude of a mutation's effect?

Control genes determine the magnitude of a mutation's effect. Mutations in these parts of the genome can substantially change the way the organism is built.

What is demarcate?

determine and set official orders

What scale do you use to determine in the magnitude of an earthquake?

Ritcher Scale

Is 101 greater or less than 1.01?

101 is greater by two orders of magnitude.

What is the difference between polar plot and nyquist plot?

it is a path in which magnitude and phase can be determine . it is used to determine the

What is the name of the scale that is used to determine the magnitude of an earthquake?

Richter or Mercailles.