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pi radius squared. (radius squared, then multiply by pi.)

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Q: How do you determine the circular area of a lawn?
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What size room will 593 sq ft equal?

The area of a room does not determine its dimensions. The area does not even tell you if it is square, rectangular, or some other shape - circular, for example.

Determine if the momentum of an object moving in a circular path at constant speed is constant.?

determine if the momentum of an object moving in a circular path at constant speed is constant.

What is the area of Circular Head Council?

The area of Circular Head Council is 4,917 square kilometers.

What services does Scotts Lawn Service offer?

Scotts Lawn Service offers services pertaining to the health of your lawn. They can determine how to make it healthier, greener, and fuller. They are not a lawn mowing service.

What are the dimensions of a 108 square foot rug?

The area of a rug does not provide enough information to determine its dimensions. For a start, it is not even possible to determine the shape of the rug: circular, oval, square, rectangular or some other shape.

What the surface area of a right circular?

I don't know what a 'right circular' is

An earthquake was felt throughout a circular area of 1,808.64 square miles what was the radius of the circular area?

24 miles

What is the approximate area of this circular pond with 250 feet?

Area of circular pond: pi times radius squared

What is a lawn layer?

A lawn layer is sod that is put down on plain dirt to create a grassed area, or lawn.

78 percent of a backyard is covered in lawn The area of the lawn is?

It is not possible to figure this out.

How many feet by how many feet equals 0.42 acre?

The area is not sufficient information to determine the length and width. The area is not even enough to determine the shape: a circular plot, square, rectangle, triangular, irregular. And, even if you knew it was rectangular, it could be long and thin or short and squat.

What are the dimensions of a square lawn that is surrounded by a walk 1m wide and the area of the walk is equal to half the area of the lawn?

The dimensions of the lawn are about 8.9m x 8.9m. Solved using the steps below: Since the lawn is a square we'll let one side be x, therefore the area of the lawn is x2 The area of the walkway is the area of the walkway plus the lawn minus the area of the lawn. Since the lawn is surrounded by a 1m wide walkway each side of the walkway & lawn is x+1m+1m or x+2, so the area of the walkway & lawn together is (x+2)*(x+2). {Draw a picture to help you} Now the area of the walkway as mentioned above is the area of the walkway & lawn minus the area of the just the lawn, so we have (x-2)2 - x2 In the problem you stated that the area of the walk is half the area of the lawn. so we have: (x-2)2 - x2 = (1/2)*x2 Using algebra we have a quadratic equation simplified to: x2-8x-8=0 Using the quadratic formula, we solve for x. One solution is negative so we can discard that for this problem. The other solution is approximately 8.899m. Use the value of x and check your answer.