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a rod doesn't go on the camshaft. Perhaps you have your terminology mixed up?

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Q: How do you determine where the rod goes on the camshaft?
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What is a camshaft in a Malibu?

a camshaft moves the rods up and down as to open and close the valves. a rod rides on the camshaft and the lobes are oval, so every time it turns the rods are pushed up and when the lobe is down they are closed. this happens very fast, the rod rides on camshaft and pushes on rocker arms to open and close valves.

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What is the part of a camshaft that moves a lifter?

push rod or tap its. It would be a cam lobe that moves the lifter.

Function of the camshaft sensor for a 1991 park ave?

On vehicles equipped with a camshaft position sensor, it is used to help the PCM determine the correct firing order.

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What happens when your camshaft goes out on your 2004 suzuki aerio?

your engine is wrecked

When does a valve in the camshaft close?

valves open and close by raised lobes on the camshaft . they hit the connecting rod, which is connected to the rocker arm that open and closes a spring loaded or hydraulic valve lifters . the intake or exhaust valve is open when when the raised lobe hits the connecting rod. the valve closes when the cam shaft rotates and the connecting rod falls off raised lobe.

Parts of a car engine?

Pistons, cylinders, crankshaft, crankcase, oil pan, spark plug, camshaft, connecting rod, rod bearing, exhaust valve, intake valve.

Where does the weight go on the fishing rod?

The weight goes on the butt of therod, this balances the the rod, with reel on.

Where is a camshaft position sensor on a 2002 Isuzu rodeo 3.2L?

it does not have one, after 2000 modes the camshaft position sensor is eliminated the these vehicles use the use the VRS system to determine where the No. 1 piston is. therefore they only required a Crankshaft sensor not a Camshaft sensor.

How can you determine what is wrong with a 1990 V-6 3.8 Ford engine from the noises like a rod or rocker arm it makes?

first you must determine that, it's NOT a rod knock or rocker arm

Where is the camshaft sensor b on a BMW z3?

All depending on the year of your vehicle will determine the location of the camshaft position. The camshaft position sensor, or cps, is located just under the head gasket. They are two different sensors, so be sure to deal with the correct one.

Will the camshaft sensor stop the car from starting?

Yes. Cam sensor will determine the rotation of the camshaft, and if it does not sense it 'turning' the sensor will not allow the engine to start (it protects damaging the engine). Faulty camshaft or crankshaft sensors will stall engine and prevent restart until replaced.

What force is a fishing rod going against?

The force that a fishing rod goes against is pressure and flexion.

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What is a cam in a car?

the camshaft is i metal rod that has tear drop shaped lobes that control when the intake and exhaust valves open and close.

What happens to a metal rod when heated?

goes bigger

How do you change a fuel pump on an 84 Chevy Celebrity SW 2.8Liter Is there a rod inside the motor that you have to watch while putting the new pump in like the older cars or do you just take the pump?

Yes, there is a rod that the camshaft pushes against the rod coming out of the fuel pump.

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