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Dilute it with water until it reaches 10 per cent.

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Q: How do you dilute 30 percent hydrochloric acid to 10 percent?
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How much water will be there in a dilute acid in percentage?

well in dilute acid there is 1-10 percent and there will be only 90 percent of water so i was told from a science teacher who studied this

What is the acidity of 10 percent Hydrochloric Acid solution in Water?

pH = ZERO - very strong acid

What is 10 percent hydrochloric acid?

10 ml of concentrated HCl added to 90 ml of water.

What acid is in harpic toilet cleaner?

its acidic because it even contains 10 percent of hydrochloric acid

Why is a 10 percent solution of hydrochloric acid stronger than a 10 percent solution of acetic acid?

Acetic Acid is a weak acid in that it is only partially dissociated. Hydrocholric acid is highly corrosive and is much stronger

Why root tips are placed in 10 percent hydrochloric acid mitotic index?

To hydrolyse the cell wall

How many molar is concentrated hydrochloric acid?

The molarity of hydrochloric acid 36,5 % (concentrated acid) is 10 M.

How much water will there be in a dilute acid?

Almost amount of water can be used. The amount you use depends on what purpose the solution will serve. Most dilutions involve using at least as much water as you have of the acid or base, often several times that amount.

How many liters of hydrochloric acid are contained in 300 liter of a solution that is 10 hydrochloric acid by volume'?

30 liters

Does an alkali easily neutralize a concentrated acid or a dilute acid?

Alkalies can neutralize both concentrated and dilute acids, but dilute acids are 'more easily' neutralized (i.e. require a smaller amount of alkali for the same amount of acid). It is a simple chemical reaction, the amount of alkali required to neutralize an acid can be calculated if you know how they react and the strengths of the acid and alkali. E.g. if you use Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) to neutralize Hydrochloric acid (HCL) the reaction is: KOH + HCL --) KCL + H2O So one molecule of KOH neutralizes one molecule of HCL If you have 1 molar KOH, then : 10 ml of dilute HCL (0.1 molar strength) will be neutralized by 1 ml of KOH 10 ml of a strong HCL (10 molar strength) will be neutralized by 100 ml of KOH Hope that helps.

What are the names of 10 common acids?

Sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid, formic acid, acetic acid, sulfurous acid, nitrous acid and hypochlorous acid are 10 acids.

Jerry is experimenting with chemicals in the laboratory He mixes a solution that is 10 percent acid with a solution that is 30 percent acid How much of the 10 percent acid solution will be needed to m?

10 liters