How do you divide a fraction in half?

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Double its denominator.

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Q: How do you divide a fraction in half?
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When dividing by a fraction can you multiply by its reciprocal?

That is correct. To divide by a half, you are actually multiplying by two. ■

A third is a half of it what is it?

No, a third isn't half and half again, that would be a quarter. A third is to divide the object into 3 equal parts. Remember the cardinal rule of fractions, divide the number by the denominator( bottom number of the fraction UNDER the fraction line) and times by the numerator( top number of the fraction ABOVE the fraction line). For example, you need to get 2/6 of 24. Divide 24 by 6 = 4, X 2 = 8 Hope this helps!

What happens to a fraction when you divide it?

How a fraction changes when you divide it depends on what you divide it by.

How did you get 1 half for the equvilent fraction of 11 over 22?

Divide both numbers by their GCF, which is 11.

How do you divide the improper fraction to mixed fraction?

you divide the numarator to the denomanator

What is the equivalent fraction of 10 divide by 20?


How do you remove the 1 in one half?

To remove the 1 in one half, divide the numerator (1) by the denominator (2) to get the decimal fraction 0.5.

How do you know if a fraction is in simplest form?

A fraction is in its simplest form if its denominator (bottom half of the fraction) and numerator (top half of the fraction) cannot be divided by the same number to equal a fraction with whole numbers in the numerator and denominator. [When you 'cancel' a fraction out (divide it to get a smaller fraction, closer to the simplest form) you must do the same sum to the numerator AND the denominator, so you must be able to divide the numerator by the same number you divide the numerator by, as the fraction cannot contain decimals or remainders (it must be a whole number] e.g. 3/6 is NOT in its simplest form, as you can divide both numbers by 3, meaning that the simplest form would be 1/3 1/3 is in its simplest form, as although you could divide the denominator by 3, you cannot divide the numerator by 3 to equal a whole number.

What will happen if you divide a fraction?

If you divide the fraction by a number greater than 1 then you will have a smaller fraction.If you divide the fraction by a number equal to 1 then you will have the same fraction.If you divide the fraction by a positive number smaller than 1 then you will have a greater fraction.

What fraction is equivalent to eighteen over thirty six?

18 divide by 18 -> 1 --------------------------- 36 divide by 18 -> 2 one half or 1/2

Can you divide fractions?

Yes, you can divide fraction untli u make the mixed number into a improper fraction then divide

You multiply by this when you divide by a fraction?

The inverse of the fraction.

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