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Suppose p = a*10^x and

q = b*10^y are two numbers in scientific notation.

Then p*q = (a*b)*10^(x+y)

where, 1 <= |a|,|b| < 10 implies that 1 <= |a*b| < 100.

If a*b is greater than or equal to 10, let a*b = 10*c

then in scientific notation, p*q = c*10^(x+y+1).

Also p/q = (a/b)*10^(x-y)

where, 1 <= |a|,|b| < 10 implies that 0 < |a/b| <= 1.

If a/b is less than 1, let a/b = c/10

then in scientific notation, p/q = c*10^(x-y-1).

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Q: How do you divide and multiply in scientific notation?
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Multiplying and dividing scientific notation?

You simply add the exponents to multiply and subtract them to divide.

What is the rule of scientific notation in science?

There are different rules which depend on what you wish to do: add, subtract, multiply, divide, convert into or from scientific notation. The question needs to be more specific.

How is a number expressed in scientific notation?

Scientific notation is when you multiply a number that is between 1 and 10 to 10 to a power. for example: I want to write 3,946,000,000 as a scientific notation. What I do is I divide the number by 10 over and over until the number is 3.946 then how many times I divided 3,946,000,000 by 10 is the exponent of 10 which you multiply by 3.946 and the Scientific notation of 3,946,000,000 is 3.946 * 109.

Multiply or divide as indicated and express in correct scientific notation 2.85e7 x 3.16e-3?

It is 9.006*10^4.

How do you addsubtractmultiply and divide written in scientific notation?

First you have to set it to the same power of 10. Then it can easily be added or subtracted. To multiply, you just multiply the given values and add the exponent. To divide, you divide the numbers and subtract the exponent.

How do you divide and multiply notations?

You do not divide or multiply notations: you perform those operations on numbers which are expressed in different notations. How you do that depends on which notation you are concerned with.

Why was scientific notation invented?

the scientific notation was created to make it easier to multiply by ten EX: 3*104=? 3 with 4 zeros 30000

What is 1000000 multiply by 100000?


Why is it important to have a method of denoting numbers that are very small or very large with a minimal amount of writing?

Scientific notation makes it easy to write down numbes, and to compare them (if normalized scientific notation is used). It is also fairly easy to multiply and divide them, once you know what you are doing.

How do you make 300 cakes instead of one by using scientific notation with three significant figures?

You multiply each ingredient by 300. There is no need for scientific notation.

0.000714 in scientific notation?

We multiply or divide the number by powers of 10 so that the first digit in the number is between 1 and 10. So 0.000714 = 7.14 x 10-4

How do you do scientific notation in Algebra 1?

same as in any other class, n x 10k , where n is between 1 and 10, and k is an integer exponent to describe how many times to multiply or divide by 10 to restore to normal notation.

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