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0.5 is a half, so anything you divide it into will give a result that is double of itself. So another way to divide by a half is to multiply by 2.

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Q: How do you divide by 0.5?
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When was New Divide created?

New Divide was created on 2009-05-18.

What number do you divide 4 bye to equal 80?


How do you turn 5 percent into a decimal?

Divide by 100. 5% = .05

How many kilograms is in 05 grams in grams?

Divide by 1000 to convert grams into kilograms

How do you convert 5 centimeters cm into meters?

Divide by 100 so it is .05-because there are 100 cm in a meter.

How do you divide 2.55 and 5?

Calculator, google or think like this; 2.5 is divisible by 5. So is .05. .05 divided by five is .01. 2.5 divided by 5 = .5. Answer = .51

What is 05 of 2312992?

If the question you are asking is a math problem, then you take the number 2312992 and divide it by the number 5. You answer would be 462598.4. This is a division problem.

How many nickels are there in a 2 dollar roll?

Since a roll of nickels is $2, you divide 2 by .05, which = 40, so there are 40 nickels to a roll.

How do you change one number percents to a decimal?

5%=.5 Divide the percentage by 100 to change it to a decimal: 5% = 5/100 = .05

What is the formula for percent to decimal?

Divide the percent by 100 (%/100). ie, 5% would be 5/100 or .05. Easy enough

How many nickels are in 2.50?

Fifty Each nickel is 5 cents or $ 0.05 Divide the 2.50 by .05 which is 250/5 = 50

How do you write one half in to decimals?

1 _equals .5 or .05 but if u are dividing on a calculator and you divide 1 by2 it will equal.5 2

What is the reverse of multiply by 4?

Divide by 4.

What would 5 and 2 over 100 be as a decimal?

5/100 = .052/100 = .02You can just divide it using long division or a calculator to get the conversion.

What is five percent of fifteen hundred dollars?

5% of $1500 = .05 x $1500 = $75 When dealing with this type of question in your head: Take 10% (by moving the decimal over towards the front one decimal place) and divide by 2. 10% of $1500 = $150, divide by 2 = $75.

How do you convert inches to kilometers?

1 Inch = 2.54E-05 Kilometers So you would take the number of inches and divide by 2.54E-05 to get the number of kilometers. (note also that 1 Kilometer = 39370.0787401575 Inches ) Or you could use the internet calculator shown in the "Related Links" section below.

What part of speech is the word divide?

Divide is a noun (a divide) and a verb (to divide).

Force exerted on an area is called?

Force divide by area is pressure.Force divide by area is pressure.Force divide by area is pressure.Force divide by area is pressure.

How do you convert 20cm as a decimal fraction of a meter?

You need to know how many cm there are in a whole meter.Then divide 20 by that number, and you'll have your fraction.

How do you divide 362 divide by 11?


What happens to a fraction when you divide it?

How a fraction changes when you divide it depends on what you divide it by.

How did you get 40cm out 400mm?

You divide by 10.You divide by 10.You divide by 10.You divide by 10.

What is date of birth 25 05 05 in Roman numerals?

The date 25-05-05 in Roman numerals is XXV.V.V and the date 25-05-2005 is XXV.V.MMV

How do you calculate 50km into miles?

Divide by 1.608.Divide by 1.608.Divide by 1.608.Divide by 1.608.

How do you convert inch to ft?

You divide by 12.You divide by 12.You divide by 12.You divide by 12.