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When working with mixed numbers it is easier to convert them to improper fractions, do the maths using normal fraction techniques and then convert any resulting improper fraction back to a mixed number.

To divide mixed numbers is a simple matter of converting them to improper fractions; now the divisor can be turned upside down, the fractions multiplied and any resulting improper fraction converted back to a mixed number.

For example: 4⅜ ÷ 1¾

4⅜ = (4×8+3)/8 = 35/8

1¾ = (1×4+3)/4 = 7/4

→ 4⅜ ÷ 1¾

= 35/8 ÷ 7/4

= 35/8 × 4/7

= 5/2

= (2×2+1)/2

= 2½

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First, you must turn the mixed fractions into improper fractions. Do this by multiplying the denominator (bottom) by the whole number then adding the numerator. (top)

For example:

1 1/4 and 2 1/3. 1 1/4 would be 1x4=4+1=5/4. For 2 1/3: 3x2=6+1=7/3.

Next, you change the division sign to a multiplication sign. Now, flip the second fraction. Our second fraction is 7/3 so we change it to 3/7. Now we multiply numerator by numerator and denominator by denominator. 5/4 x 3/7= 15/28. In some problems you must simplify or change it to a mixed number. Good luck!

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Q: How do you divide mixed numbered fractions?
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How is dividing mixed numbers like dividing fractions?

you cant divide mixed numbers

Can you divide fractions?

Yes, you can divide fraction untli u make the mixed number into a improper fraction then divide

How do you divide mixed fractions by mixed fractions?

make each fraction a improper fraction the flip the second fraction and multiply straight across then simplify

How do you find the average of a mixed fraction?

Same as any average. Add all the fractions and divide them by the amount of fractions

How do you find a fraction or mixed number between 2 fractions or mixed number?

Add them together and divide the answer by 2.

How do you divide mixed fractions with a negative mixed fraction?

"they" i don't know. go ask some one ales

Video of how to divide fractions?

You can search YouTube for "divide fractions", and find several.However, it isn't really that complicated; just remember the following simple rules:To divide one fraction by another fraction, take the reciprocal of the second fraction, then multiply.If you have mixed fractions, convert them both to improper fractions, then proceed as above (multiply by the reciprocal).

How 2 divide a mixed number by a mixed number?

Change them into improper fractions. Invert the second fraction and multiply them together. Reduce if necessary.

How do you divide a negative mixed fraction by a positive mixed fraction?

It is the same as dividing two positive mixed fractions except that at the end of it all, you put a negative sign in front.

How do you divide a mixed number by a mixed number?

It is convenient to convert both mixed fractions into improper fractions (numerator larger than denominator). To divide, multiply using the reciprocal of the divisor.Example:To divide 53/5 by 42/3 :Changing the mixed numbers to improper fractions gives the division28/5 divided by 14/3To divide by a fraction, you can invert its values (multiply by the reciprocal), giving28/5 x 3/14Multiply the numerators 28 x 3 = 84 and the denominators 5 x 14 = 70The answer is 84/70 which reduces to 1 14/70 or 1 1/5

Are mixed fractions rational?

Yes, mixed fractions are rational

What does it mean to multiply and divide fractions?

multiply and divide fractions!-.-