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either halve the halve to make a quater or just keep on halving it

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Q: How do you divide one half?
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How many diagonals can be drawn to divide the square in half?

A square has only to diagonals and either one will divide it in half.

How do you work out one quarter of something?

This is a division problem; just divide by four. Sometimes it is easier to divide something in half, and then divide it in half again. One quarter of 40 is 10.

What is one half divide by one half?

It is: 1/2 divided by 1/2 = 1

Can you divide five cups in half?

Half of five cups is 2 and one-half cups.

Is 162 one half of 486?

No, one half (1/2) of 462 is 231. To find what one half of a number is, divide it by two.

How do you change 35.2101 into one half?

Divide it by 70.4202

One half divide by one half equal what?

It is: 1/2 divided by 1/2 = 1

What number is one half of 1110?

To get one-half of any number, just divide it by 2.

What is half of 23.5?

To calculate one-half of any number, divide the number by 2.

What is one half of 23422?

One half of 23422 is 11711. Why on earth would you use wikianswers to divide by 2?

How can you divide one half in three ways?


Divide 30 in one half and add 10 what is the answer?


How do you divide inches in half?

Divide by 2 or multiply by 1/2 to divide inches in half.

Can you divide three cups in half?

Half of three cups is one and 1/2 cups.

What is half of 1.2ml?

To get one-half of something, you divide that something by 2.

How did pandavas divide food during exile?

one half to bheema and the other half to the rest of pandavas

How much liquid is one fifth cup?

divide one half cup by four

What are the two imaginary lines that divide the earth in half?

One is the equator.

How do you divide five sevenths by one half?

Times it reduce if possible

What is the meaning of divide in half?

divide in two

What is half of 11 feet?

To get one-half of any number, simply divide that number by 2. In this case you must divide 11 / 2.

How do you remove the 1 in one half?

To remove the 1 in one half, divide the numerator (1) by the denominator (2) to get the decimal fraction 0.5.

What is half of the number 320?

To get one-half of any number, divide that number by 2.

Is one half and three fourths equivalent?

One half and three fourths are not equivalent. If you were to divide 1/2 (1 divided by 2), you would get .50 . If you were to divide 3/4 (3 divided by 4), you would get .75, therefore making one half not equivalent to three fourths.

What number do you get if you divide 200 by one half and add 7?