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Divide as you would divide positive fractions. That is, convert both fractions to positive, then do the division. After that, apply the rules for dividing positive and negative numbers. For example, if one of the fractions is positive and the other negative, the answer will be negative.

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Q: How do you divide with a negative fraction?
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Related questions

How do you divide a negative number by a positive fraction?

You multiply the negative number by the reciprocal of the fraction.

What sign do you get when you divide a positive integer by a negative integer?

If you divide a positive number (it doesn't really matter if it is an integer or a fraction) by a negative number, the result is negative.

How do you divide a negative fraction by a negative fraction?

-- Ignore the signs. -- Divide the first fraction by the second fraction, then decide whether the answer is positive or negative. -- If both numbers in a division have the same sign, then the quotient is positive. So the quotient is positive, and you're done.

How do you divide a negative mixed fraction by a positive mixed fraction?

It is the same as dividing two positive mixed fractions except that at the end of it all, you put a negative sign in front.

What do you divide 42 by?

Any non-zero number that you like - positive or negative, integer or fraction.

Is A Fraction Negative if it has a negative numerator?

If the numerator is negative and the denominator is positive then the fraction will be negative. If the numerator is negative and the denominator is negative too then the fraction will be positive.

If there is a negative sign beside a fraction is the fraction negative?

yes it is a negative fraction

How do you turn negative three and four fifths into a fraction?

Divide the 4 by 5 =.80, so the answer is -3.80

How do you convert a percentage into a fraction?

Divide by the sum of the primitive function of the percentage, accounting for a negative definite integral.

What is negative 42 divided by seven thirds?

-42 / 7/3 = -18 To divide by a fraction, you multiply by the reciprocal of the fraction. the reciprocal of seven thirds is three sevenths. Negative 42 times three sevenths equals negative 18.

Is a negative over a negative in a fraction the same as a negative fraction?


How do you divide mixed fractions with a negative mixed fraction?

"they" i don't know. go ask some one ales

How do you divide a negative fraction by a whole number?

-> Keep the same numerator.-> Multiply the denominator by the whole number, and make that the new denominator.-> Keep the negative sign before the fraction.You have the answer.

If you multiply a negative fraction with a positive fraction do you get a negative fraction?


What happens to the fraction if the denominator of a negative fraction increases?

The fraction becomes less negative. It remains a negative fraction but moves nearer to 0.

What happens to a fraction when you divide it?

How a fraction changes when you divide it depends on what you divide it by.

Which one is more fraction or negative number?

Unless the fraction is negative, the fraction is

Can a negative integers can an fraction?

A negative integer cannot BE a fraction, but it can be part of a fraction.

What is the decimal notation is negative 3 divide by 4?


How would you make the fraction negative 5 over 8 into a decimal and is terminating repeating?

Just divide 5 by 8.

What will happen if you divide a fraction?

If you divide the fraction by a number greater than 1 then you will have a smaller fraction.If you divide the fraction by a number equal to 1 then you will have the same fraction.If you divide the fraction by a positive number smaller than 1 then you will have a greater fraction.

How do you divide the improper fraction to mixed fraction?

you divide the numarator to the denomanator

How do you do negative number fraction?

You put the negative to the side, before the fraction, or you put the negative in the numerator, so it's a negative fraction. It can look like this: -1/2 or the negative can be on the side of the fraction

When you multiply a fraction by a negative fraction is the answer negative?


How do you turn a negative improper fraction into a decimal?

An improper fraction represents either an integer or a mixed number. Using long division if necessary, divide the numerator by the denominator, then write the quotient with a negative sign before it.