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yes it is a negative fraction

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Q: If there is a negative sign beside a fraction is the fraction negative?
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If you have a fraction with a negative sign in front of the fraction how do you make it a decimal?

Exact same if there was no negative sign, the number is the number.

How could a fraction be negative?

it can be if we put a - sign somewhere in the fraction.

How do you subtract a negative fraction from another negative fraction?

i think you just add it and put the negative sign in front of it

A fraction times a negative fraction equals?

A fraction that has a different sign to the first fraction.

How do multiply a negative fraction time a positive fraction?

Multiply the numbers ignoring the signs and then add a negative sign.

How do you write negative 37 as a fraction?

That's a good question, all you need to do is just put a negative sign before the fraction. So in this case, it would be 37 over 1 with negative sign before it.

When the numerator of a fraction is smaller than the denominator it is a(n) fraction.?

There is no simple answer to the question.If only the numerator is negative then the fraction is a negative fraction which may be proper or improper. If the numerator and the denominator have the same sign then the fraction is positive. It is an improper fraction if they are both negative and a proper fraction if they are both positive.

What does a positive fraction plus a negative fraction equal?

The sum will take on the sign of whichever one is greater.

What if the problem is a fraction with a negative exponent?

Flip the fraction top-to-bottom, and delete the minus sign from the exponent.

How do you divide a negative fraction by a negative fraction?

-- Ignore the signs. -- Divide the first fraction by the second fraction, then decide whether the answer is positive or negative. -- If both numbers in a division have the same sign, then the quotient is positive. So the quotient is positive, and you're done.

Can negative 41 be written as a fraction?

Yes: negative 41 over 1, 41 over negative 1 or you can write 41 over 1 and put the negative sign to the left of the fraction bar

How do you make a negative fraction to a decimal?

You convert the fraction do decimal exactly as you would a positive fraction. Then you stick a minus sign in front.