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Q: How do you divivide a circle into 7 equal pieces?
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How can you cut a circle into 7 pieces?



Cut every apple in 7 equal pieces making it a total of 21 equal pieces. Then give everyone 3 pieces.

When A plank of wood is cut into w equal pieces. What fraction of the plank is 7 piece?

It is 7/w.

What is the area of a circle with a radius of 7 feet?

The area of a circle is equal to pi*r2, where pi is the radius. In this case, the area is equal to pi*(7 feet)2, which is about 154 square feet.

Can you divide a circle into 7 equal parts?

Technically no because 360/7 is a repeating decimal but it can be approximated

There are 6 pieces of construction paper for 7 people each person needs and equal amount what is the first step to divide the paper?

find 7 equal parts

How do you devide a circle into 7 equal parts?

A circular sector is formed by two radii and an arc. And the angle formed due to the two radii is central angle(Θ). Area of a sector = (Θ/360) πr2.If we divide a circle into seven sectors having equal central angles then the circle is divided into seven equal parts.Angle of the whole circle is 360o. So we should divide the whole angle into 7 equal parts each measuring 360o/7 and then forming the corresponding sectors.

What is the area of a circle with radius equal to 7 in using pi equals 22 7?

Area = 22/7*72 = 154 square inches

The radius of a circle is multiplied by 7 Its area is times bigger than the original circle?

The relationship between a circle's radius and it's area is: a = πr2 so if the radius of the circle increases by 7 times, the area will increase by π72 times, or 49π, which is approximately equal to 153.938

If the ratio of a circle's sector to its total area is 78 what is the measure of its sector's arc?

Length of arc = angle of arc (in radians) × radius of circle With a ratio of 7:8 the area of the sector is 7/8 the area of the whole circle. This is the same as saying that the circle has been divided up into 8 equal sectors and 7 have been shaded in. Dividing the circle up into 8 equal sectors will give each sector an angle of arc of 2π × 1/8 7 of these sectors will thus encompass an angle of arc of 2π × 1/8 × 7 = 2π × 7/8 = 7π/4 Thus the length of the arc of the sector is 7π/4 × radius of the circle. --------------------------------- Alternatively, it can be considered that as 7/8 of the area is in the sector, the length of the arc is 7/8 the circumference of the circle = 7/8 × 2π × radius = 7π/4 × radius.

Can 3 lines in a circle make 8 pieces?

You did not specify if these are straight lines. If the lines are straight then no, only 7. If you curve the lines then, yes.

What is the circumference of a circle if it's diameter is 7 inches?

Circumference of a circle is equal to 2(pi)r with r being the radius, or (pi)d with d being the diameter. If we use (pi)d, with d being equal to 7 and (pi) being equal to 3.14159, we get that the circumference is 21.9911485751 inches. This can be rounded to 22 inches.3.14159 * 7in = 21.9911485751in