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Q: How do you do polynomials without parentheses?
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What is 2(x-5) without parentheses?

2(x-5) without parentheses = -3

After arranging in descending order what is the first step in factoring polynomials?

Determine the GCF .If it is 1 then continue with the next step but if it is a number such as three then remove that number and divide each monomial by that number and put the polynomial within a set of parentheses with the GCF on the outside of the parentheses

Should a paraphrase be in a parentheses?

No, a paraphrase should not be in parentheses. When paraphrasing, you should reword the original text in your own words, without the use of parentheses.

What equals 15 in parentheses?

' 15 ' without parentheses does. Except in Accounting, where (15) means ' -15 '.

Which polynomial has 3x 4 as a factor?

We can't answer that without some polynomials to choose from.

Polynomials have factors that are?

Other polynomials of the same, or lower, order.

What do you mean by polynomials?

A polynomial is any expression (i.e. no = sign) that is the sum of several monomials. Subtraction is ok, but to be a polynomial they can't be divided, and they can't be multiplied with parentheses. Polynomials: 5x+4xy; x2+3x-2; 42x-1. Not Polynomials: (10x)/2+4xy; x(x+3); 45. ---- A monomial is one or more numbers or variables multiplied together. For example, 5x, 23, x2, and 4a3b are monomials. The exponents must be natural numbers.

X - 2 is a factor of which polynomial?

We won't be able to answer this accurately without knowing the polynomials.

How polynomials and non polynomials are alike?

they have variable

What are polynomials that have factors called?

Reducible polynomials.

What has the author P K Suetin written?

P. K. Suetin has written: 'Polynomials orthogonal over a region and Bieberbach polynomials' -- subject(s): Orthogonal polynomials 'Series of Faber polynomials' -- subject(s): Polynomials, Series

What is a jocobi polynomial?

In mathematics, Jacobi polynomials (occasionally called hypergeometric polynomials) are a class of classical orthogonal polynomials.