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new amount minus original amount over original amount

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Q: How do you do you find the percent of change in numbers?
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Find the percent change in these numbers 60 to 75?

Percentage change: 25.0% increase.

Why do you need to calculate percentage change in an experiment?

To find the difference between the two numbers in percent form

How do you find the percent difference?

Subtract the two numbers and divide by the oldest or beginning number and move the decimal to change to a percent. If it goes down it is decrease and up for increase.

How do you find the percent of a number?

The first step in calculating the percent of numbers is to change the percent to a decimal. When you see the word "of" in word problems, that signals multiplication, so take the decimal and multiply by the number.

Is the percent of change in two numbers always greater than a 100 percent?


Is percent of change in two numbers greater than 100 percent?

sometimes It depends if you are Asian or not and know the answer

How can percents describe a change in area?

Divide the change by the initial number to get a fraction and multiply by 100% to get a percent. The percent you get will describe the change in area in the mathematical language of numbers.

How do you find the percent increase?

you have to multiply both numbers then by a 100 to get your answer -_______-

Find percent of three numbers?

2 3,2 3,7

Find percent of change from 60 to 36?

Using the equation of percent of change.(Original Value - Current Value) / Originalvalue *100% = Percent change(60 - 36 ) / 60 *100 = 40%40% is the percent change

What is 45 percent of 1520?

To get the answer, You have to change the percent to a decimal and since the percent is only 2 numbers all you need to do is change the 45 to .45. So here is the equation: 1520 (divided by) .45= 684

Find the percent of change and state whether it was a percent of increase (I) or percent of decrease (D).from 289 to 762?

The answer is 164% I.