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Divide the change by the initial number to get a fraction and multiply by 100% to get a percent. The percent you get will describe the change in area in the mathematical language of numbers.

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Q: How can percents describe a change in area?
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How do you change 35.5 percents to decimals?


How do you make 3.476 into Percents?

Simply multiply it by 100 to change it into a percentage

What is 0.41 as a percent?

41% = 0.41 To change decimals to percents, move the decimal two places to the right and add the percent sign. (To change percents to decimals, move the decimal two places to the left.)

What percent of England's land area is protected?

the percents of England's are that is protected is 26 %

How do you change 2.39 and 0.39 to percents?

Well, 2.39 is 239%, and 0.39 is 39%. Get it?

How do you change percents to frations?

by putting the number over a hundred or thousand...etc..

How you can explain how to change percents into decimals and fractions?

Percents are hundredths. To change a percent to a fraction, put it over 100. To change a percent to a decimal, divide it by 100, which means move the decimal point two places to the left. 3i% = 31/100 = 0.31

When do you have to know how to change percents to fractions?

To change % to fraction: Divide the % by 100% Example: To change 93% to fraction: 93%/100% = 93/100

How do you change a mixed number to percentage?

Changing mixed numbers percents. First change the mixed number to a decimal then change the decimal to a percent.

Who invented percents?

No one invented percents.

What are the percents of India's religion?

20 percents


percents are numbers over 100