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The prime numbers less than 25 are

2 3 5 7 11 13 17 19 23

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Q: How do you draw a line number its sets is prime number less than 25?
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How do you draw the prime meridian and the international date line?

Just draw a line. I stood on the dateline in Greenwich England and it was a white painted line.

How do you plot on the number line x is more than 4 and x is less than 3 together?

Draw open circles at the points 3 and 4. From the point 3 draw a line to the left, with an arrow pointing left. From the point 4, draw a line to the right with an arrow pointing right.

How do you graph x less than or equal to 3?

The graph is the set of all value of x that are less than or equal to 3, so you draw a line parallel to the number line, under the 3 and to the left of it (less than). Also, underneath the point three you draw a circle at the end o your line. Since it is less than or equal to you fill in that circle. Otherwise it would only be an outline circle.

How do you sketch a line with a slope that is less than -5?

Choose a number that is less than -5; for example, -10 (or, if you mean "less in absolute value", for example -2), choose two or three points for that slope, then draw the line through those points.

How do you put a line over a number?

You draw it. Or you can use the Math Input Panel (in start menu) to draw a line with numbers underneath.

7 greater than or less than -12?


How do I draw a number line that shows that 23 and 46 are equivalent?

Draw a line between them and so 2/3 is equivalent to 4/6

How do you place the square root of 5 in a number line?

At the number 2, draw a vertical line (perpendicular to the number line) and mark a distance of 1 unit on this line. Call this point X The distance from 0 to X is sqrt(5). Put a compass with its point at 0 and the pencil at X, and then draw an arc to cut the number line. That will be sqrt(5) on the number line.

Does the number eight have a vertical line of symmetry?

yes the number 8 has a vertical line of symmetry. and depending on how you draw it also a horizontal line of symmetry.

How do you do number line?

Look at the numbers and see if the number line is less or higher

How do you draw 1.75 on a number line?

Halfway between 1.5 and 2

Is positive 5 greater than negative 3?

No. It's 8 less. A negative number is always smaller than a positive number.