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Draw a rectangle for the side of the cylinder and on top and bottom of this rectangle 2 circles for the base and the top of the cylinder

The rectangle width would be the diameter of the circle large and the same height that the cylinder

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Q: How do you draw a net for a three dimensional figure and the figure is a right circular cylinder?
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What kind of solid figure is a paint can?

right circular cylinder

Does a cylinder have to have a circular base?

Strictly, if it has a circular base, it is a circular cylinder. Otherwise, it could have an oval base. If the long axis is at right angles (perpendicular) to the plane of the base, then it is a right circular cylinder.

How many circular faces has a cylinder?

A (right circular) cylinder has 2 circular faces... one on top, and the other the bottom.

What is a long round object with flat circular ends?

The object described is a cylinder, specifically a right circular cylinder. It is a round solid with flat circular ends.

A right circular cylinder has a diameter of 6.8 in and a height of 2 ft what is the volume of the cylinder?

The volume of a right circular cylinder with a diameter of 6.8 in and a height of 2 feet is: 871.6 cubic inches.

How many edges does a right circular cylinder have?


Volume of the largest possible right circular cylinder that can be inscribed in a sphere of radius a?

volume of a regular right circular cylinder is V=pi(r2)h since the radius is (a) then the height of the circular cylinder would be (2a) so the volume of the largest possible right circular cylinder is... V=2(pi)(r2)(a) with (pi) being 3.14159 with (r) being the radius of the circle on the top and bottom of the cylinder with (a) being the radius of the sphere

Formula for volume of a right circular cylinder?


Which of these space figures has circular parallel bases?

A [right] cylinder

What three-dimensional figure does the net at right represent?

a square

Who invented the formula for the surface area of a right circular cylinder?


Which solid has 2 circular faces?

-- The frustum of a cone has. -- A right cylinder has.