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You cannot. A rectangle is a plane figure with linear measures (length, breadth) and a measure of area but does not have a volume.

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Q: How do you draw a rectangle with a volume of 24cm'sx3?
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How do you draw a rectangle with a volume of 4 cm?

Rectangles don't have volume, they have area. Only 3 dimensional figures have volume.

How do you draw a rectangle that is five thirds?

Draw one whole in ONE rectangle, and draw the thirds in a different rectangle..!

How do you draw rectangle?

fail to draw a rectangle but be good the right angles...

Is it possible to draw a rectangle that is not a square?

By definition, no rectangle is a square - they are two different figures. If you draw a true rectangle, it is not a square - it is a rectangle.

How is the volume of a rectangle measured?

Simple. The volume of a rectangle is 0. A rectangle is a two dimensional shape and therefore cannot have a volume.

What is the Volume of a rectangle measuring 600cmx60cmx60cm?

Volume of rectangle is 0

How do you draw a robot?

for the head draw a square then the neck draw a ting rectangle ,for the body draw a sqare or a rectangle it depends what robot you want to draw,for the legs draw a small skinney rectangle and ll the rectangles i said be for are going up and down so last the feet are laying on the ground and are a rectangle

How do you make a rectangle with 3 lines?

Draw a rectangle and draw three lines in it.... Firstly, draw 3 lines and divide one line into two...then it will easy to draw a rectangle...

Is it possible to draw a rectangle with three lines?

Yes,it is given that draw a rectangle with 3 lines so..1st draw a rectangle then put 3 lines inside in it....!!

How do you draw a slanted rectangle?

you just draw a normal rectangle but draw it on a slant. that's all i know from my school teacher.

How do you draw an rocket?

first draw a triangle, then a rectangle, and lastly draw another triangle on both side of the rectangle... if you want draw a smoke at the bottom.

How to find the volume of a rectangle?

The volume of a rectangle is 0. It is a 2-dimensional object and so has no volume.

What is the formula for finding the volume for a rectangle?

A rectangle has no volume, it is a 2 dimensional object.

Draw a rectangle that is not a parallelogram?

draw a parallelogram which is not a rectangle.verify that its area is equal to the rectangle on the same base and altitude

Rectangle A is width 4 and length 8 so draw similar rectangle scale factor 2.5?

Draw a 10 x 20 rectangle.

How do you calculate volume when one side of the rectangle is at an angle?

The volume of a rectangle is always 0, as a rectangle is a two-dimensional object.

Can you draw a x in a rectangle?

Yes, the diagonal of a rectangle is X.

How do you draw a rectangle with 8 square units?

You could draw a rectangle that is 8 units long and one wide.

How do you draw a swimming pool?

The easiest way to draw a swimming pool is to draw a rectangle inside of another rectangle and in the smaller rectangle draw cursive w's to indicate the water. For a kiddie pool, you can draw one circle inside the other. You may want to use a ruler or a protractor.

How do I figure out the volume of a rectangle?

With great difficulty because a rectangle is a 2 dimensional shape which does not have a volume.

Can you draw a square that is not a rectangle?


What shape would you end with if you draw a large rectangle then draw the same figure ten times inside the rectangle?


How do you draw perfume bottle?

Draw an rectangle then a square above it

How do you draw a 360 degress quadrilateral?

draw a square or a rectangle

Is it possible to draw a parallllelogramthat is not a rectangle?

Yes, draw a rhombus.