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You cannot. A rectangle is a plane figure with linear measures (length, breadth) and a measure of area but does not have a volume.

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Q: How do you draw a rectangle with a volume of 24cm'sx3?
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How do you draw a rectangle with a volume of 4 cm?

Rectangles don't have volume, they have area. Only 3 dimensional figures have volume.

How do you draw a rectangle that is five thirds?

Draw one whole in ONE rectangle, and draw the thirds in a different rectangle..!

Is it possible to draw a rectangle that is not a square?

it is possible to draw a square that is a rectangle?

What is the formula for volume in a rectangle?

The formula is: [ Volume = 0 ].A 'plane figure' has no volume. That's any figure that you can draw on paper,and those can't hold water. It takes volume to hold water, and volume takesthree dimensions.

How do you make a rectangle with 3 lines?

Draw a rectangle and draw three lines in it.... Firstly, draw 3 lines and divide one line into two...then it will easy to draw a rectangle...

What is the Volume of a rectangle measuring 600cmx60cmx60cm?

Volume of rectangle is 0

How is the volume of a rectangle measured?

Simple. The volume of a rectangle is 0. A rectangle is a two dimensional shape and therefore cannot have a volume.

How do you draw a robot?

for the head draw a square then the neck draw a ting rectangle ,for the body draw a sqare or a rectangle it depends what robot you want to draw,for the legs draw a small skinney rectangle and ll the rectangles i said be for are going up and down so last the feet are laying on the ground and are a rectangle

Is it possible to draw a rectangle with three lines?

Yes,it is given that draw a rectangle with 3 lines so..1st draw a rectangle then put 3 lines inside in it....!!

What figure do you draw if you draw a rectangle and you draw 10 more rectangles in the rectangle?

Its pretty much 11 rectangles in one.

How do you draw a slanted rectangle?

you just draw a normal rectangle but draw it on a slant. that's all i know from my school teacher.

How do you draw an rocket?

first draw a triangle, then a rectangle, and lastly draw another triangle on both side of the rectangle... if you want draw a smoke at the bottom.