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you make a square twice one behind the other and you'll find yourself with a rectangular prism's.

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Q: How do you draw a rectangular prisim?
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What is a shape with 2 rectangular bases?

a rectangular prisim

How many vertexes does a rectangular prisim have?

Not sure about vertexes or prisim. A rectangular prism, on the other hand, has 8 vertices. Not vertexes.

What is an example of a rectangular prisim?

a box

Can a square prism be called a rectangular prism?

I have never heard of a square prisim it is almost always called a rectangular prisim so yes.

How many faces does a rectangular prisim have?


What is the shape of an ice hockey goal?

rectangular prisim

What is rectangular prims?

a rectangular prisim is part of geometry, its shape is like a tissue box

How many more vertices dose a rectangular prisim have than a rectangular pyramid?

3 more.

What solid figure would you get if you cut a cube?

You will get a rectangular prisim

Which solid is made from 6 rectangles?

A rectangular prisim or in some cases a cube

What shape is a pizza box?

A rectangular prism. Surely it's a cuboid (when the lid is closed).

What is the geometric shape of a shoebox?

The geometric shape of a shoebox is a rectangular prisim.