How do you draw horizontally?

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A horizontal line is a line that goes across (left to right or right to left).

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Q: How do you draw horizontally?
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How do you draw a scuba diver?

All you have to do is draw a stick person then add a little retangle tank on the top but remember to put the person horizontally. then draw flippers and mabye a little mask

How do you draw the symmetry of a square?

Evenly draw a line to split the shape in half. In this case, we have a square, so we can cut in many places such as the two diagonals, vertically, and horizontally.

How do you make a uppercase h?

you draw a straight line horizontally ( up then down ) then draw a vertical ( sideways ) attached to the horizontal line and draw another horizontal line on the other end of the vertical line it looks like this H

Draw two pictures and divide them into fourths?

Draw one square, and draw one circle. Find the center in each, and draw one straight line vertically. Then find the middle once more but this time draw a line straight through horizontally. You have four equal parts in each shape.

How do you write 5.267?

first you draw a horizontal line, the on the left side of the line draw a line going down, then at the end of the line draw a curve which looks like a inverted c. Then you have 5 then put a dot on the bottom side of the 5 then draw a curve which looks like and inverted c, then on the bottom draw a line which goes horizontally, now you have 5.2 then you make a curve which looks like a sphere but the end of the line touches the middle of the line, forming a loop. Now you have 5.26 then draw a line horizontally, then at the right side draw a line which goes diagonally. Now you have wrote 5.267

What happens when you put a 9 volt battery on your tongue?

There is one out of six chances that you will feel a current draw.

What is horizontally?

reflected horizontally

What way does horizontally go?

horizontally is when when sun rises that is horizontally.

Does Saturn rotate horizontally or vertically?


What is the opposite of horizontally?

There is no opposite to horizontally (side to side). Vertically (up and down) is perpendicular to horizontally.

How to draw a star?

1. Draw a straight, vertical line. 2. Draw a line straightly from its tip going between horizonal and vertical, like a plus. 3. Draw a line straightly from its tip directly horizontally. 4. Draw a line straightly from its tip going in between the lines drawn in step 1 and 3. 5. Connect the extra lines straightly.

Does the rhizome of a fern grow vertically or horizontally?


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