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It's five times five times five. the volume is l times w times h and 5 times 5 times five equals 25.

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Q: How do you draw net of cube that holds 125 unit cubes?
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What does decompose a cube mean?

Let n > 1 for an n x n x n cube for the purpose of decomposing the n x n x n cube into unit cubes (1 x 1 x 1). For the above scenario we see that decomposing an n x n x n cube into unit cubes can be thought of dividing an n x n x n cube into unit cubes. When n = 2 we get 8 unit cubes after decomposing. When n = 3 we get 27 unit cubes after decomposing.If necessary to further your understanding I would suggest drawing a picture of a 2 x 2 x 2 cube then divide each of the six-faces by 2 both horizontally and vertically. Then draw a 3 x 3 x 3 cube and then divide each of its six-faces by 3 both horizontally and vertically. Then count the number of unit cubes for both drawings. Again, when n = 2 you should count 8 unit cubes and when n = 3 you should count 27 unit cubes.

What is a unit in mathematics?

A unit in mathematics is the measurement of an object, such as cubes. EXAMPLE: 1 cube is one unit.

How do you find a volume of unit cubes?

By definition, a unit cube has a volume of 1. "Unit" means 1 so if the volume was not 1 it would not be called a unit cube!

Are Unit Cubes Always the Same Size?

No. A cube with sides which are 1 centimetre long or that of 1 inch are both unit cubes, as is a cube with sides of 1 decimetre (volume = 1 litre).

How many unit cubes would fill a 3 inch cube?

27 of them.

How many rectangular prisms can you make with 18 unit cubes?

three.1 cube x 1 cube x 18 cubes1 cube x 2 cubes x 9 cubes1 cube x 3 cubes x 6 cubes

Find the total area of all faces of a cubic box that holds 125 unit cubes?

That would be: 6 x 5 x 5 = 150 square units where the cube has 6 faces each 5x5 units square (where 5, the linear dimension of the cube as well as the faces, is the cube root of 125).

How many 1cm cubes would it take to construct a cube that is 4cm on edge?

Volume of 1 cm cube = 1 cubic cm (cc) Volume of 4 cm cube = 4*4*4 = 64 cc So number of unit cubes required = 64

How many unit cubes would it take to fill a box with a volume of 2 feet cubed?

A ft unit cube is 1 cubic foot. Therefore the answer is 2

Which cubes have the same volume and surface area?

A cube with an edge length of 6 units has a 216 square unit surface area and a 216 cubic unit volume.

What cube has a length widthand height of 1 unit?

The answer is a unit cube.

A box is in the shape of a cube the box has edge lengths of 5 inches how many unit cubes are neede to fill the box?

125 of them.

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