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AnswerOk when you get in the car, push in the clutch and the brake at the same time. Start the car. Then put the car in 1st gear. Let off the brake, and slowly let off the clutch while giving a little gas. The car will start to roll. When you are up to speed and hear the car is ready to switch gears to 2nd gear(which wont be long after 1st) push in the clutch at the same time as you let off the gas and then pull the shifter down to second. slowly let out the clutch again while giving it gas. Once it "catches" you're good. After practice, stick shift will be second nature to you. Some advantages to having a manual car is that it gets slightly better gas mileage than an automatic and its more fun to drive. Also repairs are generally less expensive and none of your friends can jack your car because they all don't know how to drive a manual and you do. Answer
  1. Push in the clutch, make sure the car is in neutral. Start the car.
  2. Holding the clutch, put the car in first and let off the parking brake.
  3. Slowly, very slowly release your foot from the clutch as you simultaneously apply the gas. If your car has a tachometer, you should hold the gas at around 2000 RPM.
  4. You should start to move. Don't let the clutch completely out until you are going a good speed.
  5. When you get going a little faster and your engine starts revving up, push in the clutch. Shift into 2nd.
  6. Again, slowly release the clutch as you give it some gas.

TIP: When you're starting up on a hill, and someone is behind you and you dont want to roll back into them, apply the parking brake. Hold the brake lever in your right hand, keep the button depressed. Slowly let it down as you start to move.


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Q: How do you drive a stick shift?
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Driving schools can teach anyone how to drive a stick shift, manual transmission vehicle. With that in mind, it's important to find a school with tons of experience.

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People drive a manual car by using a stick shift to control the car.

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there is a stick shift

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Rust, Ice, Something bent,

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The OD button means "Over Drive", off or on.

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Bent shift tube or shift fork.

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okay well my car sits out in the sun all day and since its 110 degrees outside everyday (not exaggerating) and my stick shift is metal its almost impossible to drive it right away....

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If you shift the gear stick to the right, it is on manual. Then by pushing it forward and releasing you shift up; by pulling backward and releasing you shift down.

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Hey Carolyn==You don't say that it is a console shift but I bet it is and you have spilled coke or coffee on it. It needs to be taken apart and cleaned. GoodluckJoe

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