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do 43+57 which is 100

then do 100+68 which is 168

the answer is 168

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Q: How do you evaluate expression 43 plus 68 plus 57 and justify with each step?
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Evaluate each expression (7 -3)ยฒ plus (7 plus 1)ยฒ?

(7-3)^2 plus (7-1)^2 = 16+36

How do you Evaluate the expression 32-6 plus 5x4?


How do you evaluate an algebraic expression such as 7 plus d?


Evaluate the expression if x2 and y3 3x plus y?

the answers is d

What is the Evaluate the expression of 8 plus 7?

It is: 8+7 = 15

Which property wouldvu use yo evaluate the expression 29 plus 33 plus 7?


Evaluate the following expression for y equals 6 25 plus 2y?


8t2 - 34t plus 35?

Without the value of t it is not possible to evaluate the given expression.

Evaluate the expression -10 plus (-6)?


Evaluate m plus 5?

The expression cannot be evaluated without knowing the value of m.

How can I evaluate the expression 16 plus 14 plus 9?

Use a calculator, or just the addition techniques taught to you in 1st grade.

What is 12-10 plus 4 evaluate the expression?

12 - 10 + 4 = 6

How would you evaluate 7 plus 2.53 equals 28.5 as an expression?

It should be evaluated as a major calculation error!

Substitute 5 for x and evaluate the expression x - 2 plus 11?

5 - 2 + 11 = 14

Evaluate 3x plus 5when x 2 what is the value of the expression is?

When x = 2, 3x + 5 = 11.

What is each part of an algebraic expression separated by a plus or minus sign?

They are terms of an algebraic expression

What is the evaluate algebraic expression for -3x plus 2 equals?

Given a value of x, find the value for -3x + 2

Write each expression in its simplest form 7 plus 2t plus 3t?

7 +5t

Each part of a algeraic expression separated by a plus or minus sign?

Yes and the parts are terms of the expression.

How do you solve x plus 1 over x?

You don't "solve" an expression. You can solve an equation; an expression can be simplified or otherwise manipulated, and if you know the value of "x" (in this case), you can evaluate its value.

Substitute 6 for x and evaluate the expression below5x plus 2x?

X = 6 5x + 2x = 42

Which algebraic expression is equivalent to the expression below (8 times 12) plus 8?

There is no variable in (8x12)+8, so it would be called an arithmetic expression. It would evaluate to 96+8 = 104.

What 10x plus 24 equal to?

Though 10x +24 is an expression and it can not be evaluate, we can write 10x+24=2 • (5x + 12)

Simplify the algebraic expression 7x squared minus 4y plus 3x squared plus 5y plus 2 and evaluate it for x equals 3 and y equals 9?


How do you evaluate the variable expression 3a plus 2b?

You need values for a and b, then you multiply a by 3, b by 2 and add your answers.