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You need to get rid of the brackets first and then simplify it from there. Hope i helped

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Q: How do you expand and simplify brackets?
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How do you expand and simplify double brackets?

You need to get rid of the brackets first and then simplify it from there. Hope i helped

Expand and simplify Brackets x-6 Brackets Brackets x plus 4 Brackets?

(x - 6) (x + 4) = x2 - 2x - 24

How do you expand fully and simplify x open bracket x-1 close bracket squared?

x(x-1)(x-1)FOIL SIMPLIFY TIMES EVERYTHING IN THE BRACKETS BY X i will let you work it out

How do you solve linear equations with bracets?

You simplify the brackets first and then you will have linear equations without brackets!

Explain brackets in order of operation?

Brackets are basically the same as parentheses. If they are inside of parentheses, then you simplify that term before anything else. If they are outside of parentheses, then you simplify the terms in the parentheses first and then the term within the brackets.

What is simplification of an expression?

If you're asked to simplify an expression, you need to expand all brackets if there are any, and collect all like terms. If the question is a fraction you have to give the answer in its simplest form

How do you multiply out brackets and simplify?

7 + 3(n-2)

How do you expand brackets which have no factor at the beginning?

The space bar

How do you factorise a question that already has brackets?

The answer will depend on where the brackets are. In general the solution would be to expand all the brackets, combine like terms and then factorise.

How do you expand a bracket?

expanding bracket is basically multiplying and is used in algebra for example: 2(6x+7x) You multiply everything outstide the bracket with everything inside the bracket for example: 2 x 6x=12x 2 x 7x= 14x so now you have expanded the brackets it looks like: 12x + 14x now simplify to make 26x . And that is how to expand brackets

How do you simplify algebraic expressions with brackets?

put the bracket before the answer and multiply it by the nth term

How do you expand brackets with algebra?

Same as parentheses. Brackets are used simply as a different type of parentheses, to make it easier to match the left and the right side.

How do you simplify expressions with variables?

You multiply out brackets, remove common factors from fractions, combine like terms.

How do you expand and simplify a openbracket a add 2 closebracket?

a(a + 2) = a2 + 2a

How do you simplify x brackets x plus 1 brackets squared?

x[x+1] squared Simplified is, to my knowledge, x squared plus ( x + 1) squared

What was the main intent of the tax reform act of 1986?

simplify the tax code by reducing the number of tax brackets

How can i Simplify -(-3w-v)-2(4v-w)?

Multiply out the brackets and collect the like terms which simplifies to 5w-7v

Show how to solve an compound inequality with a parenthesis in the formula?

You expand the parenthesis out first. Then simplify the rest.

How do I simplify the expression -10 plus 6(4t-8)?

By multiplying out the brackets it then is -10+24t-48 = 24t-58 when simplified

How do you expand a linear equation?

Not quite sure what you want to expand. One thing you can do is multiply both sides of the equation by the same (non-zero) number.

(x-6)(x plus 1) expand and simplify?

whats (x-6)(x+1) simplified

The answer and steps to simplify -x minus 6 minus -11x plus -1?

-x-6-(-11x) + (-1) Remove the brackets: -x-6+11x-1 Collect and simplify like terms: 10x-7 A - - is equal to a +

How do you simplify a polynomial?

BEDMAS = brackets, exponents, division, multiplication, adding, subtracting or FOIL = first, outside, inside, last THIS ANSWER DOESNT TELL YOU S*IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you expand 3(x plus 4)?

3(x+4) is the same as 3x+12 when the brackets are expanded out

What are the types of parentheses and brackets?

The different types of brackets are: * round brackets, open brackets or parentheses: ( ) * square brackets, closed brackets or box brackets: [ ] * curly brackets, squiggly brackets, swirly brackets, braces, or chicken lips: { } * angle brackets, diamond brackets, cone brackets or chevrons: < > or &#10216; &#10217;