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Simply divide billions by 1 million: 1.5 billion divided by 1 million is 1,500. So, there are 1,500 millions in 1.5 billion.

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Q: How do you experess 1.5 billion in millions?
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How many millions are in 1.3 billion?

There are 1000 millions in one billion.So there are 1300 millions in 1.3 billion.

How many millions in one billion?

There are 1000 millions in a billion.

How much is 3.2 billion in millions?

1000 million is equal to a billion. 3.2 billion would be 3200 millions.

How many millions to a billion?

1 million millions equals a billion.

How many millions is 2.2 billion?

2200 millions are in 2.2 billion

How many millions is 1.6 billion?

There are 1,600 millions in 1.6 billion.

What is 379.1 millions into billion?

379.1 millions equals 0.3791 billion.

What is 1.12 billion in millions?

1.12 billion equals 1,120 millions.

How many millions in 37 billion?

There are 37,000 millions in 37 billion.

How many millions are there in 5.05 billion?

There are 5,050 millions in 5.05 billion.

What is 12.5 billion in millions?

12.5 billion equates to 12,500 millions.

One billion is how many millions?

There are one thousand millions in one billion

How many millions makes 1 billion?

A thousand millions makes a billion.

How many millions are in 23.5 billion?

23.5 billion equates to 23,500 millions.

How much is 500 billion in millions?

500 billion equals 500,000 millions.

What is the value of 1 billion in millions?

1 billion is equal to 1000 millions

How many millions go in a billion in Australia?

A thousand millions = a billion in Australia.

How many millions are in one billion of US dollar?

One thousand millions is a billion.

How many millions are one billion dollar?

There are 1,000 millions in one billion dollars.

How many millions does it take to fill 1 billion?

there are 1000 millions in one billion :)

How much is 2.3 billion dollars in millions?

1 billion = 1,000 * 1 million 2.3 billion = 2,300 millions

Ten billion is equal to how many million?

There are 1000 millions in one billion so there are 10,000 millions in 10 billion.

How do you convert 1.53 billion into millions?

In the common manner that billion is used, a billion is 1,000 million. In order to convert billion into millions, multiply by 1,000

How many millions of pounds are in 8 billion?

there are 8000 millions of pound in in 8 billion pounds

How many millions to equal 11 billion?

11 thousand millions = 11,000,000,000 which is 11 billion