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To convert a mixed number to an improper fraction, multiply the denominator by the whole number, add that total to the numerator and put the whole thing over the original denominator.

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Suppose you have the mixed number X Y/Z.Then, as an improper fraction, it is (X*Z + Y)/Z

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Q: How do you express a mix number into a fraction?
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What is the difference of adding a mix number and a fraction?

A mixed number is a fraction

How do you epress a number as a fraction of another number?

you use the number you want to express as the fraction as the numerator and the other number is the denominator. an example is, "express 1 as a fraction of 4" you would write it as 1/4

What does a fraction express?

parts of a whole number

What is the denominator of the fraction 6?

To express any whole number as a fraction, the numerator is the number and the denominator is 1.

How you can change improper fraction to a mix fraction?

you have to multiply the top and bottom number by the same number

How do you express a number as a fraction?

A fraction can be written as a word, such as quarter. You can write quarter as a number as .25 or 1/4

How do you express the number 12 as a fraction?


How do you express a fraction as a whole number?

You cannot do so.

Write the decimal 0.75 as a fraction or a mix number?

fraction=3/4 mix number= there is no mixed number as the decimal is .75 as opposed to a larger number such as 7.5 which would be put as 15/2

How do I express a fraction or mixed number as a decimal?

Convert the mixed number to an improper fraction. Any fraction can be expressed as a decimal by dividing the denominator into the numerator.

What is the mix number of 5 over 4?

o is the mix number and 8 over 5 is th fraction

How do you fix a mix number that has an improper fraction?


How do you change a mix fraction to a proper fraction?

Multiply the bottom by the whole number...and then add THAT number by the top number,hope this is what you're looking for!

How can you express a ratio as a fraction?

Usually you would put the first number in the ratio into the fraction's numerator (top part), and the second number into the fraction's denominator (bottom part).

What is a situation in which you would use fractions to express a number less than 1?

Use fraction to express a number less than one

Express 3 days as a fraction of the month of june?

express 3 days as a fraction of the month of

How you write 0.31 as a mix number or fraction?


WhenThe sum of integer and proper fraction?

mix number

What is 0.8918 as a mixed number?

2 /23

How To Change A Number to an improper fraction?

Some numbers are improper fractions and some are not. For example, 1/2 or 0.5 is a number but not an improper fraction. And there is no way in which you can express it as an improper fraction.

What is 13 fraction?

That is 13 / 1 in fraction form, but if we simplify it, we have 13 as the whole number. Seems like there is no way to express it in fraction form!

What is the whole number of 45 percent?

45% is a fraction and there is no sensible way to express it as a whole number.

How is a decimal similar to a fraction?

A decimal and a fraction can both express the same number, they are just written in a different format.

Is 4545454545 a rational number?

Yes, you can express it as a fraction. (4545454545/1) Rational numbers can all be expressed as a fraction.

How do you express the number 25 as a fraction?

25 is an integer and not a fraction. However, it can be expressed in rational form as 25/1.