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36X2 - 64Y2

4(9X2 - 16Y2)

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Q: How do you factor 36x squared - 64y squared?
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How do you factor 36x squared minus 9?

9(2x - 1)(2x + 1)

How do you factor the trinomial 10x squared minus 36x minus 70?

2(5x + 7)(x - 5)

How do you factor 4x squared minus 36x plus 81?

(2x - 9)(2x - 9) or (2x - 9)2

What is the Square root of 36x squared?


How do you factor 36x-36x 9?

I'm guessing that's 36x^2 - 36x + 9 which factors to 9(2x - 1)(2x - 1)

What is 36x squared minus 100y6?

Its an algebraic expressioin

How do you solve 2x squared - 36x by using a quadratic formula?


What are the greatest common factor of 16x and 36x?

Greatest common factor of 16x and 36x is 4x.

What is the GCF of -36x To the fifth power and 14x squared?

The GCF is 2x2

36x squared minus 1?

When factored it is: (6x-1)(6x+1)

Factor 4x2 plus 81 -36x?

4x2-36x+81 (2x-9)(2x-9)

What is the greatest common factor of 8x and 36x to the third power?


What is 6x to the fifth power over 11p squared multyplied by 121p to the fourth over 36x?


What is the greatest common factor of 10 and 36x?

The first step to working out the GCF of two numbers is to break them down into their prime factors. In this case it would be: 36x = 2*2*3*3*x 10 = 2*5 The next step is identifying any common prime factors. Both numbers have a 2 as a prime factor. It is unknown if x has a prime factor of 5. If it does not, then the GCF of 36x and 10 would be 2. If it does, then the GCF of 36x and 10 would be 10.

What is the factor of 5x2-36x plus 36?

(x - 6)(5x - 6)

How do you factor 36x x-1?


How do you factor 28x3-7x2 plus 36x-9?

(7x2 + 9)(4x - 1)

How do you factor 4x3 16x2 36x-144?

The answer varies depending on the missing operational signs. One possibility: 4x3 - 16x2 + 36x - 144 = 4(x - 4)(x2 + 9)

How do you factor the equation y equals 4x2 - 36x plus 81?

The expression is likely 4x2 - 36x +81 which is the same as (2x - 9)(2x - 9) or (2x - 9)2

How do you factor the following polynomial 4x2 plus 81-36x?

(2x - 9)(2x - 9)

What is the factor for 4x to the third power -36x?


What is 42 percent of 36x?

42% of 36x = 36x*42/100 = 15.12x%

What is the product of (9x-8y)(9x 8y)?

If you mean (9x-8y)(9x+8y) then it is 81x^2 minus 64y^2

3x2 plus 36x plus 81 What is the factor of the trinomial below?

(3X + 9) (X + 9)

For all positive integers x what is the greatest common factor of the 2 numbers 216x and 180x?