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(4x + 3y)(4x + 3y) or (4x + 3y)2

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

The grouping method of factoring can still be used when only some of the terms share a common factor A True B False

The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: How do you factor 9y2 24xy 16x2?
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How do you factor 16x2 plus 8x plus 1- 9y2?

16x2 + 8x + 1 - 9y2 = (4x + 1)2 - (3y)2 which is a difference of two squares. = (4x + 1 + 3y)*(4x + 1 - 3y)

What is the greatest common factor of the given polynomial 9xy2 - 24xy plus 15x?

9xy2 - 24xy + 15x

What is the greatest common factor of 3x2y and 24xy?


What is the greatest common factor of 16xy and 24xy?

The GCF is 8xy.

What is the greatest common factor for 16xy and 24xy?

The GCF is 8xy.

How do you factor 27y3-1?

(3y - 1)(9y2 + 3y + 1)

How do you factor the equation 4x2-9y2?


Factor 9x2 - 18xy 9y2?

We are missing an important sign (+/-) I shall assume 9x2 - 18xy + 9y2 9(x-y)(x-y)

Factor 16x2 - 25?

16x2 - 25 = (4x + 5) ( 4x - 5)

What is the Greatest Common Factor for the given polynomial 8x2 - 24xy plus 16x?


How do you factor completely x3 27y3?

(x + 3y)(x2 - 3xy + 9y2)

What is the greatest common factor of 16X2 and 18?

The GCF is 2.

How do you factor 16x2-36?

(4x + 6)(4x - 6)

How do you factor this trinomial - 16x2 - 24x 9?


How do factor 16x2-9?


What is the LCM of 12x and 8y?

LCM(12x, 8y) = 24xy.

Factor the polynomial expression 16x2 - 25?

16x2 - 25 = (4x + 5) (4x - 5)

FACTOR 16X2 8X -3?


Greatest common factor of 16x2 and 56x?

The GCF is 8x.

Factor expression 16x2 - 25y2?


How do you factor 16x squared?

4x times 4x equals 16x2.

How do you factor 16x2 72 81?

If that's 16x2 + 72x + 81, that factors to (4x + 9)(4x + 9) or (4x + 9)2

What is a factor of x3 plus 27y3?

x3+27y3 = (x+3y) · (x2-3xy+9y2)

How do you factor 4x4-9y2?

There is a formula for the "difference of squares." In this case, the answer is (2x2 - 3y)(2x2 + 3y)

What is 3y times 3y?


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