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(c - z)(c^2 + cz + z^2)

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Q: How do you factor c cubed minus z cubed?
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How do you factor 49y squared minus z squared?

This is a difference of two sqaures. 49y2 - z2 = (7y - z)(7y + z)

How do you factor z squared minus Z plus 16?

It can't be factored because its discriminant is less than zero.

What is 4x cubed y cubed z divided by x negative squared y negative 1 z sqaured?

4x cubed y cubed z divided by x negative squared y negative 1 z sqaured = 4

What is xy cubed z squared plus y squared z plus xyz completely factorised?

The only common factor to all terms is yz. → xy³z² + y²z + xyz = yz(xy²z + y + x)

What is z squared minus 6z minus 27?


Factor the following expression ax plus ay minus AZ?

ax + ay - AZ = a(x + y - z)

What is the answer to 4z squared minus 16z minus 18?

Using the quadratic formula you get z≅4.91547594742265 or z≅-0.91547594742265

34 minus z equals 29 what does z equal?

z = 5

Can you solve the roman numeral equation of L minus some unknown equals C detailing your workings?

In Roman numerals L and C are 50 and 100 respectively. So substitute 50 and 100 into the equation and let the unknown be called z. 50-z = 100 -z = 100-50 -z = 50 --z = -50 Solution: z = -50 Substituting -50 into the equation: 50--50 = 100 or L--L = C. Remember that in maths a double minus sign before a number changes that number into a plus number. Check it out on your calculator. David Gambell, Merseyside, England.

Solve x cubed plus y cubed equals z cubed?

There are an infinite number of real solutions. For example, x = 1, y = 1 and z = cuberoot(2), or x = 1, y = 2 and z = cuberoot(9). There are no integer solutions, as proven by Fermat's Last Theorem.

X to the fourth power plus y squared minus z cubed?

Im not sure if you can type the numbers smaller so just know that all the numbers in this answer should be powers. x4+y2-z3

What is 10 over 4 minus z minus 8 over 16?

10/4 - z - 8/16 = 21/2 - z - 1/2 = 2 - z