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8(8 - 5ab)

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

The grouping method of factoring can still be used when only some of the terms share a common factor A True B False

The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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What is the prime factorization of 24

What is the prime factorization of 54

What is the prime factorization of 64

What is the prime factorization of 34

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What are the particles of matter

Particles of matter move slower as the matter is heated

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Q: How do you factor the polynomail 64-40ab?
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What is the polynomial degree of 3r4?

Thee degree of the polynomail 3r^4 is 4

What is polynomail time algorithm?

That means, roughly speaking, that for any input of size "x", the algorithm will take no longer than xn for some constant "n".

Name of 13 blood coagulation factors?

The 13 blood coagulation factors are: * Factor I - fibrinogen * Factor II - prothrombin * Factor III - tissue thromboplastin (tissue factor) * Factor IV - ionized calcium ( Ca++ ) * Factor V - labile factor or proaccelerin * Factor VI - unassigned * Factor VII - stable factor or proconvertin * Factor VIII - antihemophilic factor * Factor IX - plasma thromboplastin component, Christmas factor * Factor X - Stuart-Prower factor * Factor XI - plasma thromboplastin antecedent * Factor XII - Hageman factor * Factor XIII - fibrin-stabilizing factor

What are the 13 blood clotting factors that control clot? Factor I = Fibrinogen Factor II = Prothrombin Factor III = Tissue factor Factor IV = Calcium Factor V = Labile factor Factor VI - Does not exist as it was named initially but later on discovered not to play a part in blood coagulation. Factor VII = Stable factor Factor VIII = Antihemophilic factor A Factor IX = Antihemophilic factor B or Christmas factor (named after the first patient in whom the factor deficiency was documented) Factor X = Stuart Prower factor Factor XI = Antihemophilic factor C Factor XII = Hageman factor Factor XIII = Fibrin stabilising factor

What is the factor of the trinomial 7x square plus 7x-14 in polynomail in descending form?

you set it equal to zero 7x^2 + 7x - 14 = 0 since there is a common factor of 7, you can divide each term by that, including the zero on the other side, which just gives you zero again... (x^2 + x - 2) = 0 You have to find two numbers that multiply to give you the coefficent of the third term (c = -2), and add to give you the coefficient of middle term (b = 1) so, +2, and -1 add to give you +1 (b), and multiply to give you -2 (c). so the factors are: x+2 and x-1 (and therefor the roots are x= -2, and x =1, but you just asked for the factors)

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the economy factor is the factor that economies our world and the factor is the social of our factor

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a proper factor is a factor.

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factor I (fibrinogen), factor II (prothrombin), factor III (tissue thromboplastin), factor IV (calcium), factor V (proaccelerin), factor VI (no longer considered active in hemostasis), factor VII (factor-vii), factor VIII (antihemophilicfactor), factor IX (plasma thromboplastincomponent; Christmas factor), factor X (stuart-factor-stuart-prower-factor), factor XI (plasma thromboplastinantecedent), factor XII (factor-xii), factor XIII (fibrin stabilizing factor).

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As the song goes, "I'm a factor, he's a factor, she's a factor, we're a factor, wouldn't you like to be a factor too?"

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Factor I - fibrinogenFactor II - prothrombinFactor III - tissue thromboplastin (tissue factor)Factor IV - ionized calcium ( Ca++ )Factor V - labile factor or proaccelerinFactor VI - unassigned (found to be part of another factor)Factor VII - stable factor or proconvertinFactor VIII - antihemophilic factorFactor IX - plasma thromboplastin component, Christmas factorFactor X - Stuart-Prower factorFactor XI - plasma thromboplastin antecedentFactor XII - Hageman factorFactor XIII - fibrin-stabilizing factor

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A factor of 100. Every 10 dB, the intensity increases by a factor of 10.A factor of 100. Every 10 dB, the intensity increases by a factor of 10.A factor of 100. Every 10 dB, the intensity increases by a factor of 10.A factor of 100. Every 10 dB, the intensity increases by a factor of 10.

What is a composite factor?

A composite factor is a factor that is a composite number, as opposed to a prime factor which is a factor that is a prime number.

What is composite factor?

A composite factor is a factor that is a composite number, as opposed to a prime factor which is a factor that is a prime number.

How can you test to determine if a factor is a factor of another number?

Divide the factor into the number. If the answer is a whole number, the factor is a factor.

Which numbers are a factor of 8 and a factor of 12 but not a factor of 18?

4 is not a factor of 18 and is a factor of both 8 and 12

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How would you factor an equation that doesn't factor properly?

If it does not factor properly then you cannot factor it.

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Factors are divisors. A factor times a factor will equal a product.

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a factor bug is a factor

how is the commn?

Common factor?

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factor pair = 1512,1 factor pair = 756,2 factor pair = 504,3 factor pair = 378,4 factor pair = 252,6 factor pair = 216,7 factor pair = 189,8 factor pair = 168,9 factor pair = 126,12 factor pair = 108,14 factor pair = 84,18 factor pair = 72,21 factor pair = 63,24 factor pair = 56,27 factor pair = 54,28 factor pair = 42,36

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The "control" factor. (The factor being tested is referred to as the "treatment" factor.)