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(x - y + 7)(x + y)

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Q: How do you factor x2-y2 plus 7x plus 7y?
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What is x plus y plus 6x plus 7y?

7x + 8y

Factor 4x2 plus 28xy plus 49y2?

(4x2)+ (28xy) + (49y2) = (2x + 7y)(2x + 7y) = (2x + 7y)2

Simplify 4x plus 7y - 5 plus -7x - 2y plus 1?

the answer to this problem is -2x^2y^2

How do you factor y squared plus 7y plus 12?

y^2 + 7y + 12 = (y+4)(y+3)

What is the common factor of 49y3 - 7y2 plus 14y?


What is a common factor of 7y plus 105?

The GCF is 7.

What is the y-intercept in this linear equation 7y plus 3x - 21 equals 0?

7y+3x-21 =0 7y = -3x+21 y = -3/7x+3 The y intercept is 3

Factor y2 plus 7y plus 10?

(y + 5) (y + 2)

X2 plus 12xy plus 35y2 factor?

(x + 5y)(x + 7y)

How do you factor completely 7y plus 28?

7(y + 4)

What is 8y plus 9 plus 7y simplified?

8y + 7y = 15ySo [ 8y + 9 + 7y ] = 15y + 9If you want to get fancy and factor that expression, it's 3(5y + 3) .

What is a plus 7y?

a + 7y

How do you factor 30x squared plus 35xy plus 40x?

5x(6x + 7y + 8)

Factor -8x2 plus 40xy plus 112y2?

-8(x - 7y)(x + 2y)

Factor 6xsquare plus 13xy - 63ysquare?

(3x - 7y)(2x + 9y)

Factor of 7y2 plus 2y-5?

(7y - 5)(y + 1)

How do you factor 4xยฒ-20xy plus 21yยฒ?

(2x - 3y)(2x - 7y)

Factor 21-7y plus 3x-xy?


What is the standard form of the line y equals 6 over 7x plus 3?

y = 6/7x+3 General form of the line equation: 6x -7y+21 = 0

-7x plus 7y equals -49?

-x + y = -7. There is nothing more that can be done with just one equation and two unknowns.

What is -7y plus 4y?

-7y + 4y = -3y

What is 16 plus 7y - 8?

16+7y-8 = 7y+16-8 = 7y+8

What is the straight line equation passing through the point 4 0 and perpendicular to the line x plus 7y plus 4 equals 0?

7x-y-28 = 0

What is the factor of 49y squared - 4?

(7y + 2)(7y - 2)

What is the slope of 2x - 7y 20?

If: 2x-7y = 20 Then: y = 2/7x -20/7 which is now in slope-intercept form