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Simple is just to know two formulas

Ohm's Law

V = IR


P = IV

From those you can calculate voltage, amps, watts, ohms

V = Voltage (volts)

I = Current (amps or amperes)

R = Resistance (ohm's)

P = Power (watts)

Just solve for what you are missing.

Voltage times amps being drawn shows watts produced.

Watts divided by voltage shows amps being drawn or watts

divided by amperage shows voltage applied.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Power in watts (P) is voltage in volts (E) times current in amps(I).

P = E*I, E=P / I, I = P / E.

In a.c. that is peak to peak. To derive actual R.M.S. wattage (The true ability to do work)

you multiply peak to peak by 0.3535.

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Q: How do you figure how many watts amps or volts?
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How many amps does a 1000 watt metal halide bulb draw?

Watts is the figure used to show how much power a device consumes. Watts = volts * amps OR watts / volts = amps, so: At 120 volts, 1000 watts / 120 volts = 8.33 amps, or: At 220 volts, 1000 watts / 220 volts = 4.55 amps

How many amps are in 10000 watts at 120 volts?

83.3A watts/volts=amps

How many amps with 70 watts 13.8 Volts dc?

Watts = Volts * Amps Therefore: 70 Watts / 13.8 Volts = 5.07 Amps

How many amps in 50 watts?

Amps * Volts = Watts. 50 Watts at 120 Volts = .4 Amps 50 Watts at 12 Volts = almost 4.25 Amps 50 Watts at 1 Volt = 50 Amps

How many watts in amp at 220 volts?

Watts are not rated in amps. Watts are the product of amps times volts.

How many watts makes 110 volts?

To find the watts you have to multiply the volts by the amps. If there are no amps, there are no watts either.

How many watts are in 240v?

Amps, volts and watts are interrelated, but you need to do a little math. Amps * Volts = Watts

How many volts it takes to cause a current of 1.95 amps to exist in a 200 watt lamp?

The formula to calculate the relationship between amps, volts and watts is Volts X Amps = Watts or Volts = Watts / Amps or Amps = Watts / Volts therefore; 200 Watts divided by 1.95 Amps is 102.5641 Volts.

60 watts is how many amps?

watts = volts x amps.

How many volts are there in 1367 watts?

volts times amps = watts

How many amps and watts are in 12 volts?

12 volts 1 amp is 12 watts. 12 volts 2 amps are 24 watts. 12 volts 10 amps are 120 watts.

How do you compute the 2000 watts in 220 volt to how many amps?

watts = volts * amps--> Amps = watts/ volts therefore; 2000/220= 9.09 amps

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