How do you figure out decimals?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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the number devided by 100, 9 devided by 100 is 0.009, i think lol

one half = 0.5 in decimals, decimals relaate to fractions a lot, if u still dont get me, go onto YouTube and type in your question and my videos will come up, i make them with friends.

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Q: How do you figure out decimals?
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Can one figure have 2 decimals?

no a figure can never have 2 decimals... you can verify from this... 5/2=2.5 thus we can say that a figure can have only one decimal

How do you figure minutes into decimals?

Divide the minutes by 60 and that will be your decimal.

How do you figure integers?

Integers are whole numbers without decimals or fractions.

How can you calculate fractions on a calculator?

A fraction can be turned into a decimal figure. Divide the bottom into the top to get your decimal figure. Then work in decimals.

Significant figure 4.98 times 23.1?

About 115 in three significants, no decimals!

How would life be without decimals?

without decimals you wouldn't be able to figure out how much money you have, you wouldn't be able to get exact temperature you would have to round it off.

How do you figure the prime factorization of 0.5?

Prime factorizations are just for integers, not decimals.

How do you figure out what is the integer?

It's the one that is a whole number by itself. No fractions, decimals, variables...

When do sky divers use decimals?

when they have to figure out how to take a crap ha ha ha

How do you put fractioons in order?

convert them to decimals or percentages first to figure out the order then write the answers as fractions

What is bigger one third or one half?

One half is larger. You can either use cross-multiplying or decimals to figure this out. One half in decimals is 0.5 while one third is only 0.3333333(3 continuing).

What is the equivalent decimals for 0.103?

As far as I'm aware, decimals cannot have equivalents unless you add zeroes after the last figure in the decimal place. I.e. 0.1030, 0.10300. Equivalent fractions are 103/1000, 206/2000