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Count them.

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Q: How do you figure out how many questions you missed on a 75 question test?
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75 percent on a hundred question test How many did you miss?

25 questions missed

How many questions can you miss on a 200 question test to make a 70 percent?

60 questions can be missed.

If you had 28 questions on a test and you got a 90 how many did you missed?

You missed 3 questions.

How many missed questions is 667 on cissp?

How many missed questions is 667 on cissp?Read more: How_many_missed_questions_is_667_on_cissp

96 percent on a 20 question test How many questions were missed?

20 questions = 100% 19.2 questions = 96% its impossible to get 96% on a 20 question test. If you don't get 100%, then the best you can get is 95%.

How many questions did you miss if you got a 76 percent on a 75 question test?

If every question was worth the same credit, you missed 18 of them.

How many questions can you miss to get 80 percent on a 10 question test?

100%-80%=20%10*.2=2Therefore you missed 2 questions.

How many questions do you miss if you get a 77 percent on a 60 question test?

If you're awarded 1 mark per question, and you got 77%, you missed roughly 25% of the questions, which is 15

How many questions can you miss to get an 85 on a 90 question test?

That depends whether 85 corresponds to your percentage, or your mark. If you get 85 marks on a 90 question test, then you have missed five questions.

What is your score if you missed 50 questions on a 180 question exam?

If there are 180 questions and you have to score a 75%, how many questions can you miss?

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How many questions missed out of 100 to get 95 percent?